Common hiring problems in Saudi Arabia

Recruiting in Saudi Arabia can be challenging, especially for those in the private sector. The regulations of Saudization, finding expatriate workers and trying to remain compliant is challenging for most. Additionally, most smaller companies do not have an in-house human resources team, therefore unqualified employees are tasked with recruiting for the company hence, working outside their expertise. This can lead to greater issues down the road if not resolved. In this article, we break down some common recruitment and hiring issues in Saudi Arabia and how they can be resolved.

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How companies can outsource their Saudization needs

Outsourcing Saudization needs can help companies get on the right track with their Saudization and stay compliant for the long term. Outsourcing is a common solution for companies internationally, but outsourcing Saudization is an option that only about a quarter of companies are investing in.

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