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Corporate Services

Provide a range of essential business services including Company Incorporation, Nominee Directorship, Corporate Immigration, Government Relations Management, and Consular and Legalization.

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Specialize in providing essential HR solutions including Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services, Talent Acquisition, Global Resource Management, and Compensation and Benefits.

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Offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, including Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Graphic Design & Animation, as well as Consultancy & Advisory services to help your business grow and succeed online.

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We offer services for streamlining business processes and a delivery organization that helps our customers achieve the goals they set with their investments.​

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Our team of experts successfully steers your company in the right direction, speeding up the growth and success of your venture.

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Our decade-long presence allows us to bring the ideal combination of expertise, technology, and contemporary service delivery model enabling our partners to reach the peak of their value creation.

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Our portfolio of corporate brands cover a diversified range of activities, spanning across industries and markets.

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Corporate Services

Provide a range of essential business services, including Company Incorporation, Nominee Directorship, Corporate Immigration, Government Relations Management, and Consular and Legalization.

Creating a new legal entity is essential for any regional business growth strategy. Therefore, a partner with experience and a proven track record is critical. We offer expert assistance with entity incorporation advisory, regulatory approvals, and any other approvals that may be needed to ensure compliance and lawful operations. Our hands-on experience, professional approach, and extensive local knowledge ensure the proper entity is incorporated.

Due to the fast pace of today's business, directors' time is increasingly being devoted to core business activities, and administrative work is therefore becoming less significant. In many such cases, you need a professional nominee director who is physically located in the country for managing compliance. PROVEN assigns an experienced manager with specific industry knowledge to act as your company nominee to help manage your risk and maintain compliance with local laws and regulations.

Managing any international travel for business can be highly complicated. The more people involved in cross-border travel, the more difficult it is to organize and achieve success. Failing to address international requirements adequately has deeper consequences than a business opportunity. Experts who specialize in corporate immigration matters are critical in these situations. We provide realistic timelines, complete process flow, helping in project mobility planning and meet the business expansion goals.

Companies looking to expand in new countries face difficulties staying updated with government rules, regulations, and compliance per local laws. The Middle East is an emerging market with regularly updated government policies. We break language barriers and provide a detailed outlook of the local requirements as your responsible local mentor.

Consulates, embassies, and other diplomatic posts worldwide are an integral part of the everyday immigration process for many employees and their families. We assist with many types of immigration consular processes. We tailor our flexible services to meet the unique requirements of the employee’s home and host countries.

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