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Corporate Immigration

Navigating Saudi Arabia's Immigration Landscape

Managing any international travel for business can be a highly complicated process. The more people involved in cross-border travel, the more difficult it is to organize and achieve success. Failing to address international requirements adequately has more far-reaching consequences than business opportunities. Experts who specialize in corporate immigration matters are critical in these situations. We provide realistic timelines, complete process flow, help in project mobility planning, and the completion of any business expansion goals.

Navigating Saudi Arabia's Immigration Landscape

The implementation of what is known as ‘Nitaqat,’ a program designed to improve the number of Saudi nationals in the private sector, prioritizes the employment of citizens of The Kingdom ahead of those from other countries. This makes placing definitive timelines on processing difficult, but rest assured that our excellent relationship with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor and the Interior Ministry creates the possibility for swift resolutions.

Expert Guidance for Seamless Entry and Compliance

The restrictions on Saudi Arabia immigration can be notoriously tricky to navigate without a local partner who knows the intricacies of policy and regulations that govern travel into and out of The Kingdom. It should also be noted any nationals hailing from member states of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) seeking immigration to Saudi Arabia need not apply for either a work visa or residency. Despite the seemingly tight restrictions, Saudi Arabia immigration policy has not been intentionally laid out to prevent freedom of travel between its borders. However, it has been devised with very specific requirements that need to be carefully considered by all parties before moving forward with any applications. In this regard, you won’t find more informed or more supportive immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia than here at PROVEN.


We work with a global network of top immigration practitioners with extensive expertise to assist when going global. We combine this vast network with an in-depth understanding of the processes involved, as well as having decades of experience in moving organizational key players between borders. We have earned our standing as one of the premier corporate immigration services by offering peace of mind, consistent communication, and a determination to aid travelers and business entities in whichever way we can.

What’s included in our services?

Business Visas

Work Permits

Short & Long-Term Work Visas

Full compliance assessments

Who will benefit most from our services?

We specialize in meeting the needs of local, national, and international companies sending employees across borders. As the demand for business mobility expands, national borders cannot become obstacles to the efficient delivery of skills and services. Our mission is to lower walls, open gates, and create growth opportunities in what is now one of the most exciting economies in the world.

At PROVEN, we get people moving to where they are needed most and with the least amount of hassle. If you have any queries about any of the processes related to corporate immigration in Saudi Arabia, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to assist in any way possible.

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