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Government Relations Management

Navigating Regulatory Landscapes for Successful Market Entry in the Middle East, with a Focus on Saudi Arabia

Government relations management assists companies looking to expand into new countries that need help staying updated with government rules, regulations, and compliance with local laws. The Middle East is an emerging market with regularly updated government policies. As your responsible local mentor, we break language barriers and provide a detailed outlook of the local requirements.

The importance of government relation services to business entities looking to gain a foothold in foreign countries with complex societies such as Saudi Arabia can never be underestimated. It requires unique insight into the inner workings of both governance and industry, and only with the requisite knowledge of both sectors can any agency provide the foundations for success. As with many other countries, The Kingdom actively seeks out associates that can capably support its already existing industries while also adding value to their development.

What does the role of a government relations manager entail?

The duties of a government relationship manager are to foster and nurture legislative endeavors that will benefit not only their own organization but also the country in which they are doing business. Earning the trust of government employees and the broader public through consistent communication and interaction is crucial to forging strong relationships that will be advantageous to all parties involved. A government relations officer should meet regularly with officials locally and at the state level to stay abreast of any potential changes in policy, laws, or regulations and feedback that information to the organization.

Developing a government relations strategy

Regardless of the size of your organization, it is imperative that you implement at least some kind of strategy to guide your efforts. A well-thought-out strategy can significantly improve your chances of success when it comes to dealing with legislators and regulators. Indeed, sound strategic management can even influence certain policies and regulations. There are some key points to consider when detailing such a plan, including:

Think clearly about what you want to achieve with your strategy. Is there a particular piece of policy or legislation you wish to influence? You may want to work on your relationships within the government or meet with decision-makers.

You need to be up-to-date with policy to influence how it is shaped. Using our vast resources, we can ensure you are kept informed of developments in real-time.
You also need to identify which lawmakers are best placed to assist you in your efforts. Whether by setting up physical meetings, passing on information, or attending events, you need to be visible and prepared.
Urge company members to support your initiatives by putting their weight behind events, votes, petitions, and rallies that will further your cause. A top-down contribution can make all the difference.

How can we help?

By outsourcing the scope of work to PROVEN, you will receive dedicated support to concentrate and focus on the core operational and strategic parts of the business.

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Government Relations Management

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