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Consular and Legalization

Streamlining Validations for Seamless Immigration to Saudi Arabia

Like in most countries, foreign documentation must first be ratified before being classed as valid within The Kingdom. Document attestation is the domain of the consulates, embassies, and diplomatic outposts worldwide, and they play a pivotal role in assisting employees and their families in the immigration process. The process itself can be complicated and requires an agency like ours in order to navigate the various steps as smoothly as possible. Further to that, we understand that it can be a big change for families, and we offer exceptional support and service to remove the anxieties of the administrative aspect of the move.

Tailored Documentation Services with Global Expertise and Flexibility

Pairing our excellent relationship with the Ministry Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia and host countries across the globe, we tailor our services directly to your unique requirements and are always flexible in our approach to get things done quickly and efficiently. As your consular assistant, we’re with you at every stage of your process and stay in direct contact to ensure that you’re aware of the progression of your application.

Of course, the nature of your application will depend on the country of documentation, and every country has its own considerations that will factor into how quickly we can complete the process. But you can rest assured that you are in the safest, most experienced hands.

Why you need consular assistance

Consular services remove the stress of having to deal with all the complex documentation and the many steps involved in the legalization of documents for use in Saudi Arabia. The reason the legalization process is so essential is that it shows that an official authority has issued the paper and that its signatories, seal, and stamp are authentic. This means it will need to make its way around the relevant ministries and their departments before it can be attested. When it comes to the certificate attestation of educational documents like diplomas, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, it can be done from the country of origin of the qualification, but it still needs to be translated and authorized by the Ministry of Education as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Streamlining Recruitment and Immigration Processes with Expert Guidance

In December of 2022, Saudi Arabia became a member of the Apostille Convention, which will now allow a far more streamlined pipeline for recruitment and immigration within The Kingdom. This has seen a reduction in legalization timelines. However, it still requires expert guidance and extensive knowledge of the process to ensure optimal use of the new guidelines.

How we help you

Legalization is the process of making documents applicable in different countries and validating their format, country of issue, seal, and signature. We’ll ensure swift apostille authentication while being thorough at every stage.
Our legal documents services are among the best, and since joining the Apostille Convention, we have been able to offer even more efficient assistance. Our agents are as experienced as they are knowledgeable and prepared for any eventuality.
All documentation requiring legalization will need to be correctly translated. Our team of translators is well-versed in converting any kind of certification you may require.

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