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Compensation and Benefits

Top tier compensation and benefits management in KSA

Navigating compensation and benefits management in Saudi Arabia demands expertise in local regulations and market trends. PROVEN HXMs tailored solutions ensure compliance and competitive advantage, empowering your organization to attract and retain top talent effectively.  

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Why Do You Need Our Compensation and Benefits?

  • Attract and Retain Top Talent: Our comprehensive compensation and benefits packages help you stand out as an employer of choice, attracting skilled professionals and reducing turnover. 
  • Employee Motivation and Satisfaction: By offering competitive salaries, bonuses, and benefits, we enhance employee morale and motivation, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction and productivity. 
  • Compliance and Risk Management: We ensure that your compensation and benefits policies comply with legal requirements and industry standards, minimizing risks associated with non-compliance and potential litigation. 
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our tailored compensation and benefits strategies help you optimize your budget while still providing attractive rewards, maximizing your return on investment in employee compensation.  

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What Do We Do?

Efficient Time and Attendance Management

We automate time tracking and attendance monitoring, streamlining processes and ensuring accurate records for payroll and scheduling.

Seamless Disbursement and Payslip Delivery

Our services handle payroll disbursement and deliver pay slips promptly, enhancing employee satisfaction and reducing administrative burdens.

Expert HR Year-End

From tax filings to annual reporting, we manage all year-end HR tasks efficiently, ensuring compliance and smooth transitions into the new year.

Local Compliance and Social Insurance Management

We navigate complex local regulations and manage social insurance requirements, safeguarding your business from legal risks and penalties.

Comprehensive Regular and Ad Hoc Reporting

Our reporting systems provide both regular updates and customized reports, offering valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making and optimize HR operations.

Benefits of our Compensation and
Benefits Management

PROVEN HXM streamlines businesses, maximizes operational value, and delivers essential services for seamless growth and success. 

Competitive Advantage

Our compensation and benefits management ensures your offerings are aligned with industry standards, giving you an edge in attracting and retaining top talent.

Employee Satisfaction

By providing comprehensive and tailored compensation packages, we enhance employee morale, motivation, and overall satisfaction within your organization.

Retention and Loyalty

Our strategic approach to compensation and benefits fosters employee loyalty and reduces turnover, saving you costs associated with recruitment and training.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

We ensure that your compensation practices adhere to legal regulations, minimizing risks and potential liabilities for your business.

Why Choose PROVEN?

Tailored Solutions

We offer personalized solutions designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of each client.

Expertise in Saudi Arabia

With a deep understanding of the Saudi Arabian market, we bring invaluable insights into local labor laws, cultural nuances, and business practices.

Comprehensive Services

From talent acquisition to compensation management and beyond, we offer a comprehensive range of HR services under one roof.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We leverage innovative HR technology solutions to automate mundane tasks, streamline workflows, and empower data-driven decision-making.

Client-Centric Approach

Our dedicated team of HR professionals works closely with each client to understand their goals, challenges, and aspirations.

How Does It Work?

Our process is designed to simplify compensation and benefits management for your organization. We follow these steps in conjunction with our client:

We start by understanding your organization's unique requirements and challenges. Through in-depth discussions and analysis, we identify areas for improvement and strategic opportunities in your compensation and benefits structure. 

Based on the insights gathered, we design customized compensation and benefits plans specifically tailored to the Saudi Arabian market. Our solutions are designed to align with local regulations, address market dynamics, and meet your organization's goals and budgetary constraints. 

Once the plans are finalized, we seamlessly implement them within your organization. Our team ensures compliance with local laws and regulations, handling all aspects of time and attendance management, disbursement, pay slip delivery, HR year-end activities, local compliance, social insurance management, and regular and ad hoc reporting.

What Else Do We Offer?

Consultation on Compensation Laws

Stay compliant with intricate Saudi Arabia compensation laws. We provide expert guidance on minimum wage, overtime payments, and severance packages to ensure your organization adheres to legal requirements. 

Benefits Management Outsourcing

Take the stress out of benefits management with our expertise and technology. We offer fast and easy expansion to Saudi Arabia, helping you establish competitive and compliant compensation and benefits packages.

Employee Benefits Planning

Design strategic employee benefits plans tailored to Saudi Arabia. Our customized solutions consider local market conditions and regulatory requirements, optimizing employee satisfaction and engagement. 

Budget Optimization and Growth

Maximize your budget and cultivate growth in diverse markets. We help you navigate unique regulatory processes and economic outlooks, ensuring optimal resource allocation for sustained expansion. 

Comprehensive Payroll and Compliance

Partner with us for seamless payroll and compliance management. Our Global Growth Platform and team of in-country HR and legal experts streamline processes, enabling you to focus on scaling your business. 

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