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Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Leveraging Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services in Saudi Arabia with PROVEN

As a global professional employer organization, PROVEN has all the regional expertise and understanding of local processes to provide exceptional PEO services to our clients at home and abroad. When recruiting in Saudi Arabia, it’s not always the most cost-effective or timely method to create a subsidiary or a branch. With a professional employer organization, you can save precious resources when starting ventures in the GCC and within The Kingdom without the need to establish a legal entity. Everything from human resources to tax solutions and benefits for your employees can all be handled by a veteran corporate solutions PEO like ours so your new recruits and base of operations can concentrate entirely on your company goals and vision.

Simplified Business Launch

When employing an experienced and highly qualified PEO Saudi Arabia suddenly becomes a far less daunting and expensive place to start up your business. With our subsidiaries operating fully within Saudi Arabia’s labor laws, we can contract and hire employees on your behalf and ensure everything is done swiftly and by the book. Employment contracts in the Kingdom don’t need to be in writing unless requested by either you or your employees, with the probation period initially being 90 days and an option to extend by a further 90 days with written consent from the employee.

PEO in Action

There are a whole host of benefits to explore when you partner with professional employer organizations, and they are especially crucial in places like Saudi Arabia, where the regulations surrounding employment can be complex and rigid in certain scenarios. You know better than anyone how important it is to consider the value of every cent in the running of your business, and with our expertly tailored PEO services, we can save you crucial resources in your quest to establish your company on foreign soil. There are a few key categories where a PEO can assist you in running your business cost-effectively in Saudi Arabia.

How we help you

The focus of any good PEO is to negate the often crippling regulatory costs and time-consuming administrative processes and to provide employees with comprehensive packages that don’t break the bank. This also includes the negotiation of these packages and ensuring their value is communicated to your recruits.
As an international professional employer organization, we are intimately aware of the processes involved in executing payroll instructions in the most efficient way possible. With our exceptional payroll solutions, we can automate your processes to give you not only peace of mind but also allow you to save vital resources.
Ensuring that you’re compliant with all the HR-related rules and regulations is a super effective means of saving money, especially in Saudi Arabia, where said rules can be quite stringent. Deploying professional employer organization services from PROVEN means you’re well on your way to full compliance, and we will work closely with your organization to ensure you’re getting all the guidance you need.

Why do businesses use PEOs?

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to reduce the cost of healthcare and benefits

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to free up time for core business activities

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to reduce costs in HR administration

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to improve recruitment and retention

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