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Unlock the Gateway to Success in Saudi Arabia: PROVEN’s In-Person Event Screams Victory

PROVEN recently hosted a highly successful in-person event focused on “Gateway to a successful business in Saudi Arabia.” The event was held at the prestigious Executive Hotel in Riyadh at the end of February. The event was a resounding success, with a great turnout and lively discussions on the key factors that make a business successful in the Saudi Arabian market. A diverse group of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors interested in learning about the intricacies of doing business in Saudi Arabia attended the event. The event provided valuable insights and practical tips for entrepreneurs and entities looking to establish themselves in this dynamic and fast-growing market. Overall, the event was an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect, network, and gain valuable knowledge and expertise from industry experts.
As a consulting and global outsourcing firm, PROVEN is equipped with experienced and knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who deal with business intricacies in their day-to-day life. The speakers selected for the event have been chosen with care, and they possess the ability to delve into the topic deeply and provide significant value. The list included Osman Qureshi, Director of Customer Success; Michael Coaker, Business Development Manager; Maha Ali, Legal Manager; Sumair Nadeem, Business Partner, CRM, and Service Delivery and Adnan Abdulaziz Alhusaiyen, Legal Associate. They led the event and shared their expertise on a wide range of topics, including:

  • The Regional Headquarters (“RHQ”) Program
  • KSA Entity Incorporation options
  • Latest developments in Joint stock company laws
  • Managing Government & Annual Compliance
  • Wage Protection System and Labor QIWA contract Authentication
  • Visas and Immigration updates
  • Nitaqat – How to manage Saudization

PROVEN’s Regional Director, Anita Chalke, discussed why and when foreign investors should consider establishing regional headquarters in Saudi Arabia the video. 

PROVEN’s CEO, Omer Saleem, shed light on the significance of the regional headquarters program (RHQ) in the Saudi Arabian economy in line with Vision 2030 and how it can benefit foreign investors simultaneously. 

The attendees were treated with various informative presentations, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities designed to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for success in the Saudi Arabian market. The audience felt engaged and had a lively discussion on various topics. Toward the end of the event, our esteemed panelists for the program, Omer Saleem, CEO; Anita Chalke, Regional Manager, and Osman Qureshi, Director of Customer Success, mitigated the queries from the guests in the Q&A session. As the day came to an end, a sense of contentment washed over us, knowing that the guests had found the event to be truly enlightening and enriching. It was a gratifying feeling to know that we had delivered an insightful experience that left a positive impact on our attendees.

Doing business in Saudi Arabia is a highly rewarding experience, but it is essential to be aware of the cultural, legal, and practical considerations involved. Saudi Arabia has strict laws and regulations governing business activities, and it is crucial to ensure that you comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Working with a local lawyer or legal advisor familiar with the local legal system is also essential, and this is where PROVEN can add value as a local expert for your global needs.

A glimpse of the event

A glimpse of the event

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