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Saudi Arabia Expands Premium Residency Eligibility to Simplify How to Get Saudi Citizenship

How to Get Saudi Citizenship


Unlocking new horizons, our blog delves into Saudi Arabia’s groundbreaking move – expanding Premium Residency eligibility to simplify the path to Saudi citizenship. Explore the transformative policies, streamlined processes, and the broader implications as the Kingdom paves the way for a more inclusive and dynamic future.

Overview of Saudi Arabia’s Premium Residency Program

The program stands as a transformative initiative, reflecting the nation’s commitment to economic and social advancement. To qualify, applicants typically fall into three categories: investors, skilled professionals, and retirees. Eligibility criteria include financial solvency, a clean criminal record, and adherence to Saudi cultural values.

Benefits of premium residency extend beyond traditional visas, offering access to education, healthcare, and the ability to own property. This inclusivity aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a comprehensive roadmap for economic diversification and social progression. By attracting global talent and fostering a conducive environment for foreign investment, the program catalyzes innovation and knowledge transfer.

In the broader context, the program signifies Saudi Arabia’s commitment to openness and globalization. It not only enhances the country’s appeal on the global stage but also aligns with Vision 2030’s goals to reduce dependence on oil, promote cultural exchange, and position Saudi Arabia as a hub for talent and innovation. As the Kingdom welcomes individuals contributing to its growth story, the Premium Residency Program emerges as a cornerstone for a more dynamic and inclusive future.

Evolution of Saudi Citizenship Policies

Saudi Arabia’s citizenship policies have undergone a significant evolution, rooted in historical context and driven by contemporary strategic objectives. Traditionally, citizenship has been challenging to obtain, often tied to specific criteria such as lineage or long-term residency. However, in recent years, there has been a notable shift towards a more inclusive approach marked by expansion and simplification.

This transformation aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Recognizing the need for a skilled and diverse workforce to achieve these ambitious goals, the nation has sought to attract global talent. The recent expansion and simplification of citizenship processes are strategic responses to this imperative, allowing for a more accessible pathway for qualified individuals to become Saudi citizens.

Moreover, the shift reflects a broader recognition of the value brought by foreign investors, professionals, and skilled individuals in contributing to the Kingdom’s economic and social fabric. By making citizenship more attainable, Saudi Arabia positions itself as a global destination for talent, innovation, and collaboration, signaling a progressive and open approach in line with its Vision 2030 aspirations.

How to get Saudi Citizenship

To obtain Premium Residency in Saudi Arabia, applicants need to fulfill specific requirements and qualifications aligned with three primary categories: Investors, skilled professionals, and retirees. The criteria aim to attract individuals who can contribute to the Kingdom’s economic and social development.


Financial Solvency: Demonstrable financial stability and a significant investment in the Kingdom, such as capital in local companies or real estate.

Business Track Record: Proof of a successful business track record and the ability to create employment opportunities for Saudi citizens.

Skilled Professionals:

Educational Qualifications: Possession of relevant educational qualifications and professional certifications.

Professional Experience: A track record of professional success and expertise in a specific field.

Job Offer: In some cases, a job offer from a Saudi-based employer may be required.


Financial Stability: Proof of a secure financial status, including a pension or substantial savings.

Health Insurance: Adequate health insurance coverage for the duration of the stay in Saudi Arabia.

General Conditions:

Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must have a clear criminal record.

Adherence to Saudi Values: A commitment to respecting and adhering to Saudi cultural and social values.

Language Proficiency: Depending on the category, proficiency in the Arabic language may be an additional requirement.

Applicants must submit a comprehensive application, including detailed documentation supporting their eligibility. The program aims to attract individuals who can positively impact the Kingdom’s growth and development, making it essential for applicants to showcase their capabilities and commitment to contributing to Saudi society.

Benefits of Saudi Arabia Residence Visa

The program offers a range of perks and privileges designed to attract and retain top talent, investors, and skilled professionals, contributing to the nation’s economic and social development.

Business Opportunities:

Investment Incentives: Premium residency opens avenues for investors, providing opportunities to establish and expand businesses in the Kingdom.

Market Access: Access to one of the largest economies in the Middle East, fostering growth and facilitating international business connections.

Social and Cultural Engagement:

Educational Benefits: Access to top educational institutions for families, promoting a culture of continuous learning and skill development.

Healthcare Privileges: Quality healthcare services for residents and their families, ensuring well-being and peace of mind.

Visa Flexibility:

Extended Stay: Longer durations of stay without the need for frequent visa renewals, offering stability for individuals and families.

Ease of Travel: Simplified travel processes, enabling hassle-free movement in and out of the country.

Residential Ownership:

Property Ownership: Permission to own real estate, encouraging long-term commitment and investment in the local property market.

Cultural Integration:

Access to Events and Festivals: Participation in cultural events and festivals, fostering a sense of community and integration into Saudi society.

Application Process Simplified

The streamlined application process for Premium Residency in Saudi Arabia aims to simplify the journey for qualified individuals. While specific details may evolve, the general steps and documentation requirements typically include:

Online Application:

Create an Account: Begin by creating an account on the official website.

Select Category: Choose the appropriate category (investor, skilled professional, retiree) based on your eligibility.

Document Submission:

Identification Documents: Submit clear copies of your passport, national ID, and any relevant identification documents.

Educational and Professional Certificates: Provide copies of academic and professional certificates, demonstrating qualifications and expertise.

Proof of Financial Stability: Furnish evidence of financial stability, such as bank statements, investment portfolios, or pension records.

Job Offer (if applicable):

Employment Contract: If applying as a skilled professional, include a signed employment contract from a Saudi-based employer.

Health Insurance:

Coverage Details: Present comprehensive health insurance coverage for the duration of your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Criminal Record Check:

Police Clearance Certificate: Submit a certificate affirming a clean criminal record from your home country.

Language Proficiency (if applicable):

Arabic Language Certification: Some categories may require proof of Arabic language proficiency.

Application Review:

Government Review: The submitted documents undergo a thorough review by the relevant Saudi authorities.

Notification of Approval:

Confirmation: Upon approval, applicants receive notification of their successful application and are provided with further instructions.

Recent changes in the program might include updates to eligibility criteria or additional categories. The Saudi government is continually working to enhance accessibility and attract top talent, and any such changes are communicated through official channels.

Premium Residence Services in Saudi Arabia

Expanding premium residency eligibility in Saudi Arabia holds profound implications for the nation’s social and economic landscape. Socially, it fosters cultural diversity and exchange, creating a more inclusive society. Skilled professionals and investors, drawn by the accessible premium residency, bring diverse perspectives, contributing to a vibrant social fabric that aligns with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goal of a dynamic and open society.

Economically, the influx of skilled professionals injects expertise and innovation into key sectors, fostering growth and diversification. By attracting top talent and entrepreneurs, Saudi Arabia aims to build a knowledge-based economy. The increased presence of investors stimulates local businesses and entrepreneurship, fueling economic expansion and job creation. This aligns with Vision 2030’s vision of reducing dependence on oil and promoting sustainable economic practices.

Moreover, the expanded premium residency program enhances global competitiveness, positioning Saudi Arabia as a destination for talent and investment. As the nation becomes a hub for innovation and knowledge exchange, the economic and social benefits ripple through various sectors, contributing to the realization of a more resilient, dynamic, and prosperous future for the Kingdom.

Future Outlook and Opportunities

Saudi Arabia’s progressive citizenship initiatives, marked by the expansion of premium residency, are poised to have enduring effects on the Kingdom’s global standing and societal fabric. By positioning itself as a beacon for international talent and investment, Saudi Arabia enhances its global competitiveness and becomes an attractive destination for individuals and businesses alike. The long-term implications extend beyond economic growth, contributing to the Kingdom’s emergence as a key player in the global arena.

As the nation creates a more inclusive society through these initiatives, a diverse community of skilled professionals and investors contributes to a dynamic and harmonious social landscape. This inclusivity aligns with the broader objectives of Vision 2030, fostering innovation, cultural exchange, and sustainable development.

For individuals and businesses, the future holds promising opportunities to be part of Saudi Arabia’s transformative journey. Whether seeking professional growth, entrepreneurial ventures, or cultural engagement, the Kingdom’s commitment to openness and progress creates a fertile ground for realizing aspirations. As Saudi Arabia continues to build bridges globally, the initiatives signal not only economic prosperity but a visionary approach to creating a thriving and inclusive society that resonates on the international stage.


In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s groundbreaking move to expand Premium Residency eligibility is a pivotal step towards inclusivity and growth. This transformative policy simplifies the path to citizenship and fosters a diverse, skilled community. The Kingdom’s visionary approach not only attracts talent but propels it into a dynamic future, fostering prosperity and global collaboration. If you want to learn more about Saudi Arabia’s Premium Residency program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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