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The importance of government relations in Saudi Arabia

Having a strong government relationship can indeed be beneficial for businesses operating in Saudi Arabia. The government plays a significant role in the Kingdom’s economy and business landscape. Here are some reasons why a strong government relationship is essential for businesses in Saudi Arabia.

The successful customer retention tactics your business should follow

In today’s era, many leading businesses are putting more effort into retaining a client over acquiring new clients. While attracting new consumers has its appeal, maintaining existing consumers will yield a higher ROI over time – and it will cost 5 to 25 times less. However, it is often easier to say so than act, especially in today’s competitive digital age.

Block Visa Process

The immigration process in Saudi Arabia can be complex for companies hiring expats. There are different considerations to keep in mind when deciding on the method most suitable, such as the company’s Saudization rating, the company’s industry and employee forecasting. However, for most companies, the block visa is a suitable option for those wanting to hire multiple expats.

Companies planning to hire expats on a long-term basis require authorisation from the Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MLSD). The MLSD issues companies block visas which allows them a quota of foreign expats they can hire. In this article we break down the process of block visas, the processing timeline and the validity.