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Everything You Need to Know About Global Workforce Management

global workforce management

Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Global Workforce Management. In today’s interconnected world, managing teams across borders is increasingly vital. This blog explores the nuances of international workforce dynamics, from navigating cultural differences to leveraging technology for seamless collaboration. Dive in to unlock the keys to successful global workforce management. Understanding Global Workforce Dynamics: […]

2021 Q1 Labor Statistics Released: Saudi unemployment rate decreases

Saudi General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) has released the first quarterly labor market bulletin of 2021 through its official website. The press release features estimates based on the Labor Force Survey and statistics from the Ministry of HR and Social Development, GOSI (General Organization for Social Insurance), the HR Development Fund, and the National Information Center.

The successful customer retention tactics your business should follow

In today’s era, many leading businesses are putting more effort into retaining a client over acquiring new clients. While attracting new consumers has its appeal, maintaining existing consumers will yield a higher ROI over time – and it will cost 5 to 25 times less. However, it is often easier to say so than act, especially in today’s competitive digital age.