Taking Care of Corporate Immigration Challenges in Saudi Arabia

Businesses seeking corporate immigration in Saudi Arabia should understand that laws and regulations in the Kingdom are different from what you see in other countries, especially those in the West. This can easily be the most complicated and challenging steps. Without the support of knowledgeable and resourceful professionals, you might get in entangled in more complexities and legal hassles than you imagine. That is where Proven SA offers the high quality support and care you need.

We are well connected and recognized enough in the region to ensure expedited and hassle-free completion of the complete process. You will save a lot of your precious time as well as efforts you otherwise would invest due to red tape and long queues.

Support through Every Step

At Proven, we are fully aware of the several steps involved in arranging a business Immigration to Saudi Arabia, and we know how best to get you through these steps systematically, so that the process is covered smoothly. Once we take over the responsibility, you will not have to go through any headaches, red tape or queues, ever, to set up business in the country.

In a nutshell, our service covers each and every aspect of corporate immigration including:

  • Immigration advisory
  • Work permit processing
  • Invitation letters, business visit visa, commercial visit visa
  • Pre-check and compliance of immigration processing
  • Saudi visa residency (Iqama) and dependents residency visa
  • Multiple and single exit re-entry visas for expats in Saudi Arabia

And it all starts with complete and comprehensive consultation through which we help our clients understand the process and requirements in a proper manner. We will listen to your long term and short terms goals and recommend a solution that is best suited for your needs.

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A Complete Solution Based on Your Needs

Based on the nature of work you plan to do in Saudi Arabia, your Corporate Immigration requirements may need various types of support. You may need a Commercial visit visa, business visit visa, working visa, visa invitation letter, work permits for temporary stay and short term projects, or an entry clearance. Our organized handling of the whole process will fit the needs of all immigrants who want to come inside the country for any sort of business or for requirements of outsourcing in Saudi Arabia.