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Companies seeking to expand into Saudi Arabia must consider employee relocation as part of their expansion strategy. When relocating to a new territory, it is essential to have a team that is well versed in the day-to-today operations so that the transition period and the business operations run smoothly. On the ground business experience in key positions is crucial for these organizations to maintain quality and efficiency. Therefore it makes more business sense to relocate current team members.

If you plan to relocate existing team members or recruit new employees abroad, it is crucial to know how to get work visas and residency permits for them to ensure a seamless operation. Partnering with a local entity with extensive immigration process knowledge and in-country support provides enterprises with information regarding relocation timelines. Employees can also access a professional visa and work authorization service, making the process convenient for them.

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Proven's immigration advisory experts provide a full spectrum of services and strategic advisory associated with the visa and immigration process, including but are not limited to; work permit processing, letters of invitation and business visas, Saudi visa residency (Iqama), and family residency visa, maintaining compliance with local regulations, and document processing. Our carefully selected team of experts offers current knowledge, industry expertise, and exemplary customer service.

Types of visas
in Saudi Arabia


Visit Visa

Those planning a trip to Saudi Arabia for conferences, business meetings, or other business purposes may take advantage of the Saudi Arabia Business Visa. You can use it for a single entry or multiple entries into the Kingdom, and the length of your stay depends on that. Single-entry business visas allow you to stay up to 90 days, and with a multiple-entry visa, you can stay up to 180 days in total.


Employment Visa​

To work in Saudi Arabia, you will need a residence permit (Iqama), which permits you to work for a specific period (up to two years). Those moving to Saudi Arabia for work must have a Saudi employer who can act as their sponsor. Furthermore, the Saudi Ministry of Labor must approve the company's visa application before hiring foreign nationals.​


Temporary Work Visa​

The Saudi Arabian government allows foreign nationals to work in the Kingdom for a short time using the Temporary Work Visit Visa. Successful applicants will be awarded a multiple-entry visa valid for one year, which gives work permits to the holder under a sponsoring organization for up to 90 days in a calendar year.​


Commercial Visit/Tourist Visa​

This visa allows citizens of eligible countries to visit Saudi Arabia for tourist purposes and stay for a maximum of 90 days. It is valid for one year and allows multiple entries.​


Dependents Residency
Visa (Family Visa)​

You can register family members on your Iqama; however, after the introduction of new rules in 2017, the price was revised. Obtaining permission from the authorities is required before family members can work in Saudi Arabia.​

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Visa invitation letter for foreign business travelers

The Saudi Immigration System works on the concept of corporate sponsorship, which means that a Saudi company registered and operating in Saudi Arabia must sponsor you when you apply for a business visa (work visit visa or commercial visit visa). When you apply for a business invitation letter, it is imperative to seek expert assistance to avoid delays and rejections.

We can assist you in obtaining the Saudi Arabia business invitation letter at a competitive price if you travel for business reasons. Your Saudi business invitation letter will be processed efficiently, securely, and quickly, and we will help you with professional advice and assistance. Additionally, we will provide you with interpretation services since much of the information in the invitation letter is in Arabic.

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