Immigration compliance is an essential part of overall business strategy 

The United Arab Emirates is a popular choice for many people to live and work, with over 80% of the population being made up of expats. It is one of the most welcoming and tolerate countries worldwide for foreign visitors with the government placing much importance on the happiness and safety of its residents. There have been many recent updates to immigration as the government looks to increasingly improve the UAE immigration processes and options for foreigners wanting to reside in the country.

UAE immigration impacts many different aspects of an organization and its essential for operation efficiency that companies have immigration processes that meet the local regulations. Immigration is closely linked to an organization’s recruitment strategy and immigration compliance is a fundamental part of a successful business strategy.

In a constantly changing business landscape it is essential to partner with an immigration advisory that thinks beyond the short term needs but also takes into account your long term requirements, providing you with a bespoke solution that delivers results.

Professional services from Proven make corporate immigration to the United Arab Emirates a smooth and reliable process. Our UAE immigration consultants are trusted advisers to our clients on all matters for UAE immigration, whether that be consulting on internal policy and process improvements, managing your corporate immigration needs or advising your in house team on specific immigration cases.

Our full range of UAE Immigration services support companies with visa processing, keeping them up to date with UAE immigration regulations, immigration strategies, assist in preparing documents and attestations, preparing and submitting applications and dealing with the local immigration authorities.

What we do

  • Immigration advisory
  • PRO services
  • Immigration compliance

Multi-nationals, local entities and entrepreneurs work with Proven to navigate the UAE immigration process based on their own requirements. We develop bespoke strategies and solutions to deliver results in a global market. Our UAE immigration consultants provide an end-to-end service, guiding companies through each step of the immigration process at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

We work with clients on bespoke immigration projects, overall immigration compliance, long term immigration strategies, employee immigration processing and a range of other immigration matters.