A thorough understanding of the labour law and the company’s Saudization requirements is essential to a successful hiring strategy

Recruiting for an organisation takes considerable resources, puts strain on your team and still doesn’t guarantee you seeing the best candidates. A talent acquisition provider helps companies identify, attract and negotiate the terms for new staff.

Talent acquisition services allow companies to benefit from the expertise and experience of headhunting professionals in finding the perfect fit for their company. Professionals that have extensive lists of candidates and the skills to source the right candidate for the role and company culture.

Our recruitment services offer a smooth and efficient process, covering the entire administrative process and ensuring that the company finds the best fit for the role.

We understand that recruiting in Saudi Arabia, an understanding of the labour law and the company’s Saudization requirements is essential to hiring the best fit. It’s important to understand a companies challenges, the current market situation and competition to ensure the hire places them with a competitive advantage.

What we do

  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Contingent and multiple hiring
  • Saudization
  • Senior executive search
  • Adhoc and retainer full recruitment services

We ensure that all candidates we put forward are of the highest standard by actively searching for candidates with the skills and experience you require. We manage your expectations, understand who exactly fits the role and what the client is looking for in the right candidate.

Salary and package is an essential part of a candidate securing a position and we guide both client and candidate to something that works for both of them. We manage expectations for the client and design a remuneration package that fits the company’s budget and the employee’s expectations.