Shared services advisory provides strategic support for your senior team

Shared services is not a new concept but it is increasing in demand in the region as companies are under pressure to improve revenue in erratic markets. Outsourcing as part of shared services has become a popular solution for companies looking for increased organizational efficiency, higher returns on investment or who are exporting to Saudi Arabia for the first time or have a lack of local knowledge. Shared services advisory gives companies access to local partners who understand that every business has different needs and requirements. 

There is a new demand in the region for business models that seamlessly blend shared services, outsourcing and offshoring/near-shoring/on-shoring to acheive operational goals. The decision to implement this type of business model is strategic and needs to align with the company’s objectives, resource capabilities and current positioning.

Outsourcing advisory can support an organization at any stage of its shared services / outsourcing maturity. In the early stages, advisory can include strategy, vision, service design, project planning and high-level road mapping.

Or for companies that have already transitioned to a shared services and/or outsourcing model, the focus would be re-engineering opportunities, continuous improvement and optimizing the delivery model.

What we do

  • Full advisory for shared services/outsourcing
  • Feasibility and market analysis
  • Organizational analysis
  • Internal and external analysis
  • Vendor management

Proven provides advisory for executives, stakeholders and senior leaders from experienced consultants for all stages of shared services/outsourcing delivery.

Each organization is different with its needs for business support services. Our consultants have extensive experience from initial assessment through to delivery, combining best practices for shared services and delivery with unparalleled regional knowledge.

We are the leading shared services and outsourcing provider in Saudi Arabia, enabling our clients to successfully navigate their growth in the Kingdom.