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Saudi Arabia strives to create an attractive life and work environment for expatriates.

There is a concentrated effort to continuously improve the Saudi Arabian work environment as well as better the overall quality of life. The Kingdom is increasingly an attractive destination for qualified expatriates as they join forces with the people of the country to achieve the goal of Vision 2030. The vision has numerous significant projects, including economic, social, and cultural diversification. Each of these projects is expected to open new areas of economic activity, create jobs and drive economic development both horizontally and vertically within the economy. The government believes there are complementary relationships between qualified expatriates and Saudi businesses, as well as between expatriates and their fellow Saudi citizens.

About 10 million expatriates represent 30% of the Saudi population. This is set to grow as the robust growth of the Kingdom’s economy necessitates the participation of professionals from all over the world who, in turn, make Saudi Arabia their second home. These professionals, in turn, create knowledge and experience transfer opportunities for the local talent pool, thereby enhancing the overall talent pool quality.

PROVEN has been supporting the growth of the Kingdom’s economic environment for over a decade now. The company is committed to bridging the gap in talent demand both with local and foreign talent as may be required. Saudi companies looking to hire the best professionals from the available global pool can rely on PROVEN to help them with their sourcing. We provide customized talent search, temporary and permanent staffing solutions, as well as talent acquisition, compensation & Benefits, and HR consulting services to fit all types and sizes of organizations.

Talent acquisition providers enable companies to maximize their recruitment strategies and processes by balancing people, data, and technology through focused professionals. PROVEN’s on-the-ground presence, and decade-long local knowledge pool, supplemented by our global talent acquisition experts, assist our clients in every stage of the talent acquisition and management process. Our recruiting team identifies experienced candidates based categorically on client needs. We are able to provide the most resourceful and efficient workforce solutions due to our level of service and local expertise. Moreover, we have extensive experience and a proven track record working with some of the largest employers around the world on flagship projects throughout the GCC region.

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