We handle your Recruitment needs

Our global talent acquisition experts assist you during each stage of the recruitment process.

Tailored services

Our recruitment team identifies experienced candidates based on your employment needs, regardless of the position’s niche or location.

Why Choose Us

Resourceful workforce

We provide the most resourceful and efficient workforce solutions due to our level of service and expertise.

Global Experience

Our global recruitment teams offer extensive experience and a proven track record of working with some of the largest employers worldwide on flagship projects throughout the GCC region.

Exclusive sourcing team

We find hidden, qualified candidates in a cost-effective way. Our specialist sourcing team use their well-established networks and connections to identify and connect you to top-notch talent nationwide, while you maintain control over the interview selection process.

Sourcing analysts

Dedicated skilled analysts with well-developed industry connections, networks, user groups, social media networks and an extensive knowledge of web-search best practices.

Global market research-based recruitment

Our capabilities span across various demographics that give you an edge in formulating the hiring strategy and a holistic overview about the availability of the targeted talent pool in any specific region.


We do an exhaustive research and share market research report, comprising various aspects such as salary bracket, experience, availability, time, etc to derive a notion about the talent pool available in the market to make smart hiring decisions.

Recruitment analytics

These allow you to look at your hiring process on a larger scale through a collection of diverse data. We analyze financial costs, candidate similarities, challenges in your hiring funnel and viable sources of the candidates, which will forecast deficiencies and develop greater hiring efficiency.

We cover various metrics such as time to hire, cost per hire, source of hire, first-year attrition, applicants per opening, offer acceptance rate, sourcing channel cost, etc.

When you partner with us, you get the knowledge and expertise in your market that only comes from locally owned offices, combined with the power of a global leader in HR services.

Every PROVEN office is locally owned and operated. That means we know the local market inside and out, understand trends and changes that may affect your business, and can operate more efficiently than a nationally owned staffing agency. Whatever position you are seeking to fill, our local teams have the connections and insights to find the area’s most capable talent.

About Us

PROVEN was launched in 2009 with the vision of helping businesses operate efficiently in Saudi Arabia. We have now evolved into one of the leading outsourcing organizations in the Middle East.

As the Saudi economy is going through a major transformation, there is enormous pressure on existing companies to find local labor talent efficiently. With a shift in policies for the labor market and the growing sophistication of the Saudi talent pool in terms of education and skill set, we believe there will be a major demand for recruitment from within the Kingdom.

There is a significant vacuum in the Saudi market for recruitment agencies who specialize in sourcing talent locally. It is important to note that even external firms have little understanding of local talent and no resources deployed to fully utilize this growing pool. They are mostly based outside the Kingdom and conduct business on a transit model, which does not allow them to build organic relationships with their clients.

We provide services across different ME regions, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, and Kuwait, and are gradually moving into international markets. With a decade of experience, our team boasts the ideal combination of expertise, technology, and contemporary service delivery model to enable our partners to reach the peak of their value creation.

Our comprehensive service offering, along with our long-standing partner network, allows us to provide a high-quality recruitment service team with tools and service levels comparable to tier 1 recruitment. With a strong local presence in KSA, we focus heavily on building relationships with firms and companies on the ground and provide a platform to enable Saudi talent to market itself. We play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between employers and local talent.

Recruiting for a company requires considerable resources and puts a strain on your team, yet it does not guarantee you will find the best candidate. Talent acquisition providers enable companies to transform their recruitment strategies and processes by balancing people, data, and technology.

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