Go Places! Without Hassle

As businesses grow and thrive, so does the need to travel. Whether you need to travel locally or internationally, the cost and time involved in arranging the conveyance and accommodation can be overbearing. Proven SA, once again, offers complete assistance with a promise of reducing not just the hassle and time, but also the cost involved in arrangement and management or transportation.

Proven SA boasts strategic ties with travel agencies, car rentals, and relevant service providers that offer us exclusive rates and priority services for our clients. We make sure that your arrangements are properly taken care of without unnecessary delays or overhead cost you might have to bear in case you deal directly with the travel agencies.

Complete Solution for Employees and Families

When we say we take care of all your travelling needs, we mean all of them. Executives, employees, and their families, we can arrange the right transportation for them. If your company offers traveling benefits to the family, we can align you with the most cost-effective service “

If you need to travel internationally, we will also get all your accommodation matters taken care of before you arrive. We have international outreach, and we will work alongside our partners to make sure your stay is as convenient as you imagine.

To sum up all the services , we offer:

  • Arrangement of airline Tickets and Corporate travel requirements
  • Providing Insurance of airline travelling
  • Airport assistance, Airport Meet and greet in Saudi Arabia
  • Hotel arrangements
  • Airport pickups and Drop off
  • Hourly and Daily Chauffeur services
  • Consular Services in Riyadh

Discover Better Value with A Monthly Deal

At Proven SA, we have a monthly account facility that offers convenience and cost benefits. We will make sure all your monthly traveling needs are fulfilled well within your proposed budget.

For more information of how we can assist you with your business travel, just give us a call at +966 (11) 5102725.