A compliant approach to Saudization

Saudization is an essential part of managing your business in Saudi Arabia and to remain compliant, it needs to be successfully implemented into your business. Our Saudization service is unique and tailored towards your company’s requirements. We offer companies a consultative approach to Saudization to achieve and maintain compliance under Saudi labor law.

In order to remain compliant in Saudization, it’s important to implement it into the recruitment process. We help our clients recruit, hire, train and retain top Saudi talent, whilst you focus on achieving your business objectives. Our experts ensure that your vacancies are filled with the best quality candidates who suit the company requirements, culture and bring long term value.

Sourcing and hiring top talent

Saudization in the long term

In order to remain compliant in the long term, it’s important to have a plan for Saudization. Compliance in Saudization provides incentives that are advantageous to doing business in Saudi, we ensure that you attain a level of Saudization that allows you access to these incentives. As your company grows, you will need to ensure that you remain in the compliant zones of the Nitaqat system. We help our clients create and implement a strategic plan to ensure that you remain compliant in the long term. We also provide ongoing evaluation to ensure that you never fall out of compliance.



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