Streamlining Management Solutions

Managing your human resources is one of the most important aspects of any organization, yet it involves a multitude of complicated activities and tasks. The bigger the team, the more complicated the challenges! Yet, it is not possible for growing organizations to sustain their growth without increasing the size of their team. To help you with hassle-free handling of your HR related activities and processes, we offer a complete employee outsourcing service.

At Proven SA, we offer employee outsourcing solutions to lower your administrative challenges and burden. Unlike recruitment or payroll solutions, we don’t just solve a part of your problem; we actually serve as a complete HR department that will perform and manage all the functions necessary to make the business function smoothly.

Skillful Staff at Your Service

When setting up or expanding your business, you require a whole team of professionals with various expertise and skills. From support to admin, you need to hire a lot of professionals. Recruiting the whole team through extensive recruitment process can get time and cost consuming. Plus, it is not easy for you to assess the eligibility and quality of a resource in an area you do not hold much expertise in.

That is why Proven SA provides complete employee outsourcing that covers:

  • Employee Secondment Services
  • Project support staff
  • Technical Staff (IT, Telecommunication, Engineering)
  • Sales and Marketing staff
  • Administration support staff
  • Reception Support Staff
  • Office Management Staff
  • Telesales Staff

Through our employee outsourcing service, we are offering a cost-effective alternative to reduce the expenses and administrative burden of any employer.

Comply with Regional Rule

Businesses operating in Saudi Arabia have to comply with the Saudization Ratio Rule that requires businesses to hire a particular ration of Saudi employees. Our employee outsourcing service allows you to stay in line with the rule without any compromises on your part.

We make sure that the employees that we deploy to work for our clients are the best in the industry and would deliver the best services. We have formed a new definition for outsourcing in Saudi Arabia.

Sustain your business growth through complete support.