Facilitating Efficiency through Convenience

At Proven, we recognize relocation as one of the major needs of growing businesses. We fully understand the challenges this may pose and the expertise required to help a business overcome all those challenges without hindering the performance and efficiency of their team.

Our team of local experts work dedicatedly and steadily to manage the mobility of your employees while you are concentrating on increasing the growth of your business in Saudi Arabia. From sharing information regarding the new place to live or work, to all the paperwork and arrangements regarding accommodation and education, our services encompass all the essential tasks and activities involved in the relocation process.

A Preliminary Cultural Introduction

As the prominent support services partner of our clients, we deliver complete information and conduct effective counseling on the local customs and traditions that the families would encounter once they reach Saudi Arabia. Our experts make this process a lot smoother and the expatriate, with his family, enters this new place with considerable ease. And all of this is done so that our client’s business operation does not get hampered.

We undertake the following responsibilities with respect to Employee Mobility and Relocation, Orientation and Home Finding Services:

  • Global Assignment Management Services
  • Providing proper guidance prior to arrival
  • Explaining the family about the city and the customs therein.
  • Participating in the showing and selection of homes along with the family
  • Negotiating, Drafting and signing of lease or sale contract
  • Preparation of a summary of all prescribed compulsions and rights
  • Arranging for connection of various services like water, electric, gas, Internet and phone
  • Helping in opening a bank Account
  • Different Moving Services

School Search and Consulting Services:

  • Providing information about the different schools based on the languages, curriculum, and potential impacts of different placements
  • Assistance in selection of schools
  • Arranging for appointment at the school.
  • Complete support in regards to filing of paperwork related to school admission
  • Regular follow-up for the closure of admission

Home Management:

  • Support with the help of dedicated assistance phone line
  • Conducting technical verification of the premises at the beginning and end of lease contract
  • Helping in managing different possessions and items
  • Help in repairing of damaged articles
  • Assistance in contract renewal on completion

We also help in all the paperwork involved in leasing, insurance, car buying and other expatriate-related services.

Ensuring Comfort through Cultural Understanding

Our services are based on the understanding that every employee passes through a stage of discomfort when they have to relocate to a new place. The stress factor does not let them operate to their optimal potential. Thus, our experts work to minimize this stress, providing advice and assistance to help the employee get settled in to their new life in Saudi Arabia.

Keep your employee efficiency and business productivity unaffected throughout the relocation process by letting our experts take care of all your needs in a proactive and proficient manner.