Optimizing Operational Performance

Proven SA has established its name as one of the most trusted BPO service providers in Saudi Arabia. As a reliable partner, we provide you with the broadest range of business process outsourcing services and solution backed by the expertise of our highly experienced team. We stand out in our league as an outsourcing service provider that offers customized services based on your organizational needs your brand positioning.

As the leaders in this industry, we have the delivery capabilities that allow us to cater to diverse range of businesses including startups, enterprises, and foreign businesses expanding in Saudi Arabia. Through our services, we are helping our clients expand their operational capabilities while improving the process quality.

Ensuring Efficiency throughout the Enterprise

Our BPO services and solution encompass a broad range of offerings that include payroll outsourcing, financial services outsourcing, and recruitment process outsourcing to name a few. The objective is to improve the overall efficiency by lowering burden on your in-house team and management. We have a very effective approach that helps us customize our strategy and solutions to match your needs, your budget, and most importantly, your goals.

Our end to end outsourcing services cover all the major areas including:

  • Accounting and Payroll outsourcing
  • Employee Outsourcing
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Human Resource outsourcing
  • Customer Services Outsourcing
  • Sales outsourcing services

However, that’s not where it ends. Standing as one of the most trusted names in BPO service providers based in Saudi Arabia, we can offer almost every service you would want to be managed and handled by industry-leading experts.

Visible Difference and Measurable Results

At Proven SA, we promise measurable results because through our expertise, we eliminate all the risks involved in the processes.

By outsourcing your processes to Proven SA, you can rest assured that not only can you focus on your business competencies better, you will also save a lot more money as compared to hiring in-house. Most importantly, you will witness a considerable difference in your revenues, and the level of customer satisfaction your company delivers