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Ministry of Labour introduces Qiwa portal to consolidate services

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MLSD) announced last Sunday of the introduction of their new portal, Qiwa. The portal will improve the current government e-services and support. There is a small number of services available now but plans to add 71 more.

Qiwa will improve the level of service provided to employees and employers and provide services to a wider range of private sector employees and business owners. The platform will also provide a unified source of information for access by employers and employees.

Qiwa will provide 4 main services:

Knowledge centre:

provides an overview of services provided by Qiwa, with supporting documents, FAQ and a support centre for Qiwa users.

Labour policies:

aims to verify internal company policies to create safe workplaces, decrease work disputes and decrease the duration of the internal work policy verification process.

Labour Market Index:

aims to improve the transparency in the Saudi labour market and allow employers and employees to see how market indicators are affected by quality of work environments.


all MLSD services can be availed through the Qiwa portal shortly

Next steps

Companies can access the portal here and can register with their MLSD credentials to avail the services

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