IT support services to keep your business operating 

With so much business being completed digitally, on the internet or on the cloud, efficient business operations is made possible with dedicated IT support. Management of all IT including networks, computer engineering, hardware, software, servers, websites, email providers and the internet is a complex and technical role and requires a team to not only have extensive knowledge of each area but also be available in and out of usual business hours.

The IT focus not only needs to be on the daily operational needs of the business but also the long term strategic goals of the business, allowing the IT technology to seamlessly grow as the business does.

The business also needs protection from the growing number of cyber threats; internal systems, business data and end users all need to be secure.

Proven is a highly skilled IT support company and IT service provider, combining experienced IT engineers with efficient operating systems and software provision to deliver out clients with tailored IT support solutions and IT outsourcing services across a broad range of industries.

We put customer service and support at the centre of our business to provide our clients with flexible, professional, cost effective, IT support solutions in Saudi Arabia.

What we do

  • Help desk
  • IT outsourcing
  • Professional services
  • Remote assistance
  • Software and MIS support

We provide round the clock IT support across the business so our clients are confident that their IT needs are handled quickly and professionally. Our services streamline communication across all the departments of the company, both internally and externally.

Our services keep customer satisfaction high, support growing businesses and prevent delays due to software or technology.

Whether you are looking to upgrade core infrastructure, transition over to cloud storage or implement new software processes or need support with an office move, we provide you with the services you need to complete the project successfully.

Our clients range from a small businesses through to multinational organisations with multiple sites and we provide them all with the same high level of service.