Business in Kuwait: Transforming into a Powerhouse

This paper is focused on the journey of Kuwait as a business powerhouse, its economic diversification strategies, its market strengths, investment opportunities, and corporate structures.

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KSA Tourist Visa Guide: Everything you need to know

Saudi Arabia has opened its borders to the outside world with the newly introduced tourist visa. Saudi Arabia offers visitors a chance to discover and experience warm hospitality, a rich culture, a diverse heritage, and breathtaking landscape views. The government plans to expand the tourist market beyond religious pilgrims to diversify the Saudi economy beyond oil revenues.

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Why is Bookkeeping Important for Business

When businesses are formed, the process involves the investment of capital, precious time, human power, and innovative ideas. All of these factors, put together, create the perfect recipe for a successful organizational model. The Saudi Arabian business community is built on smart strategies, sound financial operations, and technological integration. 

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Saudi Arabia introduces Labor Reform Initiative

In the 1950s, the sponsorship program (Kafalah in Arabic) emerged to regulate contractors’ and workers’ relationships. Under Kafalah, a migrant worker's immigration status was bound to a sponsor (Kafeel in Arabic) for a certain period. Over the period, the employer was given extensive rights regarding the mobility of migrant workers. The expat was permitted to work within the Kingdom as per the agreement with the sponsoring employer. However, they could not transfer or change the employer or leave the country without obtaining written permission from their current employer.   Besides the government, only the sponsor had the authority to secure the worker's residency and work permits and cancel such permits. The employer was expected to report to the immigration authorities if the migrant worker had quit his/her job to confirm that they had returned to their home country after the employment period's termination. If a worker was reported as absconding to the authorities, the worker might get deported to their home country. 

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Taqat – Saudi Arabia’s Employment Support Program

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Also called the National Labor Gateway, Taqat is one of Saudi Arabia’s touted employment support programs. This joint initiative was launched by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD), the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), and the Ministry of Civil Service. The vision behind the launch of the e-platform was to create a comprehensive e-platform wherein job seekers are facilitated with a wide range of employment opportunities and services. This platform makes a significant contribution to bridging the gap between employers and employees while ensuring that workers from the private as well as the public sectors enjoy the same benefits. Furthermore, the launch of Taqat has given way to a more streamlined, organized way of operation of the Saudi labor market. 

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The Business of Tourism

This paper is focused on the juggernaut tourism-centered projects taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the course of the next decade. Since 2016’s Saudi Vision, the Kingdom has divulged a series of programs to redistribute the weight of economic value on various sectors, having historically relied on oil production.

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