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Implementing TAQAT

With the introduction of Nitaqat and the technological advancements occurring in the Kingdom, the Saudi government has launched TAQAT, an initiative to build the largest virtual labor market portal in Saudi Arabia, across the public and private sectors. TAQAT provides lifetime access to career support and a range of services for Saudi national employees and employers. It also compiles the majority of job postings across the Kingdom into one place and therefore connects employers to potential employees.

Companies are required to post their job vacancies onto the TAQAT portal for a reasonable amount of time (7 days for platinum category, 14 days for high green category, and 45 days for medium and low green category), along with other requirements before hiring expat workers. Companies implementing this into their human resource and recruitment processes can receive many benefits.

What is TAQAT?

TAQAT provides matching tools to help employers find the right candidates, matching them on their interests and providing continuous online and offline support for employers. The portal proactively encourages professional development and career progression for employees through facilitating training in collaboration with Doroob, an online training platform.

Companies are eligible to receive salary subsidies and other financial incentives through the program, as it is a Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) sponsored initiative. Additionally, companies are able to receive free e-training for their employees, to improve relevant skills, as well as in-person support from a TAQAT support worker.

How can companies implement TAQAT?

Companies can implement TAQAT in their human resources and recruitment processes, as a first step. This leads companies to find suitable candidates through the TAQAT portal and improve their Nitaqat rating by expanding the range of national employees they have to choose from.

Recruiters that share their vacancies through TAQAT get access to hundreds of thousands of potential candidates, and are able to filter through candidates with a unique and comprehensive filtering system. Using this as the first point of contact when hiring will be beneficial to companies, to find candidates already in the Kingdom and therefore minimize delays in the hiring process.

Human resource departments can utilize the TAQAT portal by creating programs for employees that require employees to periodically receive professional development training and improve their work-related skills such as English and computer skills. This will allow employees to improve their performance throughout their employment and usually leads to an increase in employee satisfaction.

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