End to end HR function outsourcing

HR shared services creates a more efficient service delivery. The centralization of services, HR being one of them, can reduce costs through creating economies of scale and also provide improved customer focus and improved service delivery.

A variety of activities can be covered in HR shared services including administrative tasks such as relocation administration or recruitment, but also can include providing company information, career advice and professional support.

Technology changes mean that there are numerous options to shared service delivery, such as call centers, intranets, online portals or ERP software. However the choice of which needs to be made on the requirements of anyone using the HR shared services operation and on the relationship between HR and employees.

What we do

  • HR SSC feasibility
  • HR SSC design
  • HR operational design
  • HR from back office to services
  • HR work processes
  • HR audits and assessments
  • HR SSC recruitment
  • Staff outsourcing
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Staff augmentation
  • HR SSC continuous improvements

Our HR shared services provide a high quality service and customer satisfaction through efficient resourcing. We deliver local expertise and experience of our shared services professionals along with a number of other benefits;

  • high customer satisfaction
  • transparent costs
  • efficient resourcing
  • contribution from HR becoming more strategic
  • clearer information available to senior management and provided more consistently