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How to register a private sector employer with GPSSA

Continuing with our team sharing their expertise, we hear from Anita Chalke, Immigration Manager based in our Dubai office, on pensions for UAE nationals.

The General Pensions and Social Security Authority’s (GPSSA) main scope of work is to provide pension and retirement benefits to UAE nationals. Since its’ inception, the GPSSA has managed to provide benefits to UAE nationals working in all emirates (excluding Abu Dhabi), private sector and local government (excluding Abu Dhabi), self-employed nationals and freelancers.

The GPSSA provides high-quality services that are constantly upgraded to improve benefits and has extended its reach to provide benefits to GCC nationals working in the UAE. The mission of the GPSSA is to provide social stability for the current and future generations.


As per Pensions Law and Resolution, every qualifying UAE and GCC national working in the UAE should be registered by their employer with the General Pensions and Social Security Authority (“GPSSA”). The Pensions Law and Resolution applies equally throughout the UAE to all employers, including the various free zones. Therefore every employer who has a UAE or GCC National working for them must register with GPSSA.

Documents required for private sector company

  1. Valid trade license attested by the concerned authorities
  2. Agreement of establishment and its amendments, if applicable
  3. A copy of a power of attorney showing authorized signatory
  4. A copy of Emirates ID of Owner/Partner
  5. A Passport copy of Owner/Partner
  6. Employer registration form duly filled, signed, and stamped

Process to register with GPSSA

  1. Complete an online form on the GPSSA website. Complete the form signed by the authorized signatory/HR and company stamp
  2. Submit the form online along with above-listed document
  3. GPSSA authority will reply by email with a one-time Authorization Code to log in and a Company Registration (CR) Number (4 digit number)
  4. Create a username and password to access the GPSSA portal using the CR number to complete the form

Create your login detail

Cost: GPSSSA registration is free

Note: Registration is open for all private sector employers licensed by any emirate with the UAE, apart from those registered in Abu Dhabi emirate as they must register at Abu Dhabi retirement pensions and retirement fund. The employer must have at least one UAE or GCC National on their payroll.

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