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How expats with a dependent iqama can apply for Saudi driving license

UPDATE – According to reports from several dependent women around Saudi Arabia, this option for women on a dependent Iqama is now on hold until further notice. The department has stopped issuing licenses to women on dependent status for the time being. If any official statement arises we will update this page accordingly.

Women on a dependent Iqama and a valid foreign driving license who were previously unable to register for a driver’s license through the online portal are now able to with the new updates. A dependent’s sponsor can now log in to the Saudi Driving License Portal (SDLP) using their Absher account details and they can apply for the foreign license conversion on behalf of their dependent.

You can apply for your driving license conversion through the SDLP site with the sponsor’s details. Fill in the dependent’s details and schedule a driving test at your nearest Moroor office.

Applying for conversion of driving license will require you to present your original license at the Moroor and undertake a short driving test.

The required documents for your driving assessment are:

  • Scanned copy of your ID
  • Scanned copy of your valid driving license
  • Scanned copy of the translation of driving license (both front and back)
  • Medical report (there is a list on the portal for the clinics that you attend)

The site is only in Arabic at the moment, so you will need assistance from an Arabic speaker or use the Google translate window that pops up, although this won’t be an accurate translation.

Once you have uploaded your license copies and paid the license fee through the SADAD site, you can book an appointment at the Moroor Traffic Office to complete your driving test and have them take your fingerprints. The license fees are SAR 400 for a 10-year license and SAR200 for a 5-year license.

The documents you will need for your Moroor appointment are;

  • Your original license
  • Your original Iqama / ID
  • Copies of all your documents

Once you have completed (and passed) your driving test, you will get your printed license whilst you are still at the Moroor Office.

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