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What is GOSI in Saudi Arabia: Everything you need to know

What is GOSI in Saudi Arabia?

If you’re wondering, ‘what is GOSI in Saudi’, it stands for the General Organization for Social Insurance. GOSI in Saudi Arabia is a government agency responsible for implementing and managing social insurance regulations and benefits for employees in both the public and private sectors. GOSI ensures that workers receive necessary protections and benefits related to work injuries, disabilities, retirement, and more. For more information on setting up your business, visit our Corporate Immigration page.

History and Evolution

To fully understand what GOSI is, it’s important to explore its history and evolution. GOSI was established in 1973 as a part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) broader efforts to develop a comprehensive social insurance system. The organization was created to address the growing need for social protection as the country’s economy expanded and diversified. Over the years, GOSI has undergone several reforms and updates to its policies and procedures to keep pace with the changing labor market and economic conditions.

Initially, its primary focus was on providing social insurance coverage for Saudi nationals. However, as the expatriate workforce in KSA grew, the organization expanded its scope to include foreign workers, ensuring that all employees in the Kingdom receive essential social protections. Today, GOSI plays a crucial role in the Saudi labor market, providing a safety net for millions of workers and their families. If you need assistance with immigration and visa processes, check out our Iqama page.

What is the Structure of GOSI in Saudi Arabia?

To understand what GOSI in Saudi Arabia in more detail is, it helps to look at its structure. It operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and is governed by a board of directors that includes representatives from the government, employers, and employees. This structure ensures that GOSI’s policies and programs reflect the needs and interests of all stakeholders.

It is organized into several departments, each responsible for different aspects of social insurance. These departments include:

1. Insurance Operations: This department handles the administration of social insurance benefits, including the processing of claims and the payment of benefits.

2. Compliance and Inspection: This department is responsible for ensuring that employers comply with social insurance regulations and for conducting inspections to verify compliance.

3. Finance and Investments: This department manages GOSI’s financial resources and investments, ensuring the sustainability of the social insurance fund.

4. Customer Service: This department provides support and assistance to employers and employees, helping them understand and navigate the social insurance system.

GOSI Calculation Methods

Understanding what GOSI in Saudi Arabia is also involves knowing how calculations are made. The calculation of GOSI contributions is based on the earnings of an employee and is categorized into two main types: For Saudi nationals and for expatriates. The contributions are made jointly by the employer and the employee, with specific percentages applied to different categories of earnings.

The GOSI Calculation is Based on the Earnings of an Employee and is Categorized into Two Types:

1. For Saudi Nationals:

For Saudi nationals, the GOSI contribution is calculated based on the employee’s gross salary, which includes basic salary, housing allowance, and other regular allowances. The contribution rates are as follows:

  • Employee’s Contribution: 9% of the gross salary.
  • Employer’s Contribution: 9% of the gross salary.
  • Total Contribution: 18% of the gross salary.

2. For Expatriates:

For expatriates, the GOSI contribution is calculated based on a different set of rules, focusing primarily on work injury insurance. The contribution rates for expatriates are as follows:

  • Employee’s Contribution: 0% (expatriates are not required to contribute to the social insurance system).
  • Employer’s Contribution: 2% of the gross salary.
  • Total Contribution: 2% of the gross salary.

For Saudi non-nationals (expats), the calculation for GOSI is as follows:

To further clarify what is GOSI in Saudi Arabia for non-nationals, the focus is on work injury insurance. Expatriates are not required to contribute to the broader social insurance system, but employers must still provide coverage for work-related injuries. The employer’s contribution for expatriates is calculated at a rate of 2% of the employee’s gross salary, ensuring that expatriates are protected in the event of work-related accidents or injuries.

What Are the Benefits of GOSI for Saudi Nationals?

Understanding what GOSI in Saudi Arabia is also involves recognizing the various benefits it provides to Saudi nationals. GOSI offers a comprehensive range of benefits designed to provide financial security and support for workers and their families. These benefits include:

1. Retirement Benefits:

Saudi nationals are eligible for retirement benefits once they reach the retirement age of 60 for men and 55 for women, provided they have completed at least 120 months (10 years) of contributions. The retirement pension is calculated based on the employee’s average salary and the total number of years of contributions.

2. Disability Benefits:

If a Saudi national becomes disabled and is unable to work, GOSI provides disability benefits to support the individual financially. The amount of the benefit is determined based on the severity of the disability and the employee’s average salary.

3. Survivor Benefits:

In the event of the death of a covered employee, GOSI provides survivor benefits to the employee’s dependents. These benefits include a monthly pension and a lump-sum payment to help the family cope with the financial impact of the loss.

4. Work Injury Benefits:

GOSI provides compensation and medical care for Saudi nationals who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. This includes coverage for medical expenses, rehabilitation services, and financial compensation for lost wages during recovery.

5. Unemployment Benefits:

GOSI offers unemployment benefits to Saudi nationals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. These benefits provide financial support while the individual searches for new employment.

What Are the Benefits of GOSI for Expats in Saudi Arabia?

While expatriates in KSA are not eligible for the full range of social insurance benefits available to Saudi nationals, GOSI still provides important protections for foreign workers. The primary benefit for expatriates is coverage for work-related injuries. This includes:

1. Work Injury Compensation:

If an expatriate suffers a work-related injury or illness, GOSI provides compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages. The compensation amount is determined based on the severity of the injury and the employee’s salary.

2. Medical Care and Rehabilitation:

GOSI covers the cost of medical care and rehabilitation services for expatriates who are injured on the job. This ensures that foreign workers receive the necessary treatment and support to recover from their injuries.

3. Disability and Survivor Benefits:

In the event that a work-related injury or illness results in a permanent disability or death, GOSI provides financial support to the affected expatriate or their dependents. This includes disability benefits and survivor benefits to help the family cope with the financial impact of the injury or death.

GOSI Calculation Examples for Saudi Nationals

To further illustrate what is GOSI in Saudi Arabia, let’s look at some calculation examples for Saudi nationals. These examples will help clarify how GOSI contributions and benefits are determined.

Example 1: Retirement Benefit Calculation

Employee Information:

  • Gross Salary: SAR 10,000 per month
  • Total Years of Contributions: 20 years


  • Monthly Retirement Benefit = (Average Salary * Total Years of Contributions) / 480
  • Average Salary: SAR 10,000
  • Total Years of Contributions: 20 years

Monthly Retirement Benefit = (SAR 10,000 * 20) / 480 = SAR 416.67

Example 2: Disability Benefit Calculation

Employee Information:

  • Gross Salary: SAR 8,000 per month
  • Disability Severity: 100%


  • Monthly Disability Benefit = (Average Salary * Disability Percentage)
  • Average Salary: SAR 8,000
  • Disability Percentage: 100%

Monthly Disability Benefit = SAR 8,000 * 100% = SAR 8,000

What is a GOSI Certificate?

To fully understand what GOSI in Saudi Arabia is, one must also know about the GOSI certificate. A GOSI certificate is an official document issued by the General Organization for Social Insurance that confirms an employer’s compliance with social insurance regulations. This certificate is often required for various business and legal processes, including bidding for government contracts, renewing business licenses, and verifying social insurance contributions.

The certificate serves as proof that an employer has registered with GOSI and is making the necessary contributions on behalf of their employees. It also confirms that the employer is in good standing with GOSI and has no outstanding debts or compliance issues. The certificate is typically valid for a specific period, after which it must be renewed.

GOSI Services

GOSI in Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of services to employers, employees, and beneficiaries. These services are designed to facilitate the administration of social insurance benefits and ensure that all stakeholders can easily access the information and support they need. Some of the key GOSI services include:

1. Online Portal:

GOSI provides an online portal where employers and employees can access various services and information. Through the portal, users can register for social insurance, submit contributions, update personal information, and track the status of their claims. The online portal is user-friendly and available in multiple languages, making it accessible to a wide audience.

2. Customer Support:

GOSI offers comprehensive customer support services to assist employers and employees with their social insurance needs. This includes a dedicated call center, email support, and in-person assistance at GOSI offices. Customer support representatives are trained to answer questions, resolve issues, and provide guidance on social insurance regulations and procedures.

3. Compliance and Inspection:

GOSI conducts regular inspections and audits to ensure that employers are complying with social insurance regulations. This includes verifying that employers are accurately reporting employee earnings, making the required contributions, and providing the necessary benefits to their employees. GOSI also provides guidance and support to help employers maintain compliance and address any issues that arise.

4. Education and Training:

GOSI offers education and training programs to help employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities under the social insurance system. These programs include workshops, seminars, and informational materials that cover topics such as contribution calculations, benefit entitlements, and compliance requirements.

5. Claims Processing:

GOSI provides efficient and timely processing of social insurance claims. Whether it’s a retirement benefit, disability claim, or work injury compensation, GOSI ensures that claims are processed accurately and promptly. The organization has streamlined its claims processing procedures to minimize delays and ensure that beneficiaries receive the support they need as quickly as possible.

6. Financial Management:

GOSI manages its financial resources and investments to ensure the sustainability of the social insurance fund. This includes prudent investment strategies, risk management practices, and regular financial audits. Its financial management efforts are aimed at maintaining the long-term viability of the social insurance system and ensuring that benefits can be provided to current and future generations of workers.

7. Policy Development and Advocacy:

GOSI plays a key role in the development and advocacy of social insurance policies in Saudi Arabia. The organization works closely with the government, employers, and employees to identify emerging needs and challenges in the labor market. It advocates for policy changes and reforms that enhance the social insurance system and improve the protection and support provided to workers.

8. International Collaboration:

GOSI collaborates with international organizations and counterparts in other countries to share best practices and learn from global experiences. This includes participating in international conferences, workshops, and forums on social insurance and social protection. Its international collaboration efforts help ensure that KSA’s social insurance system remains aligned with global standards and best practices.

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