Interested in hiring the best global talent and open to tapping into a growing international talent pool?

It may be best for you to consider expanding your team with an offshore model!

The world has become a global village, with companies investing in talent pools from different geographies to remain competitive and diversified. Over the last 10 years, Proven has provided a comprehensive range of offshoring and outsourcing services to our clients. From locations across different GCC regions, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and gradually moving towards other international markets, we have delivered solutions-based service offerings from small to medium-sized businesses to multinational companies worldwide. Our service offerings help both private sector organizations and government entities become agile by bridging the gap between talent needs and global skilled labor pools.


Our boutique solutions are designed to help clients attract the best talent from global talent pools offering higher quality of skills sets, more efficient cost to company structures, less stringent regulatory climates, and more favorable tax conditions.

We handle everything involved with strategic staffing, from sourcing candidates to recruiting and onboarding them, saving you time and financial resources. Additionally, we have the experience you need to mitigate co-employment risk and assist in setting up distributed team management workflows.

Global Resource Management is at the heart of what we do at Proven, and we do it with full conviction. A customer-centric, advisory-focused approach is a central DNA in all our service offerings. This core philosophy is one of the reasons Proven has delivered the best talent to clients for over a decade.

We offer innovative workforce solutions.

Our goal is to help organizations develop and maintain agility in their workforce by adapting to changing market and business demands and keeping pace with changes as the future of work evolves.

Permanent hiring: Our professionals utilize existing databases, electronic boards, user groups, and social media to develop pipelines and build local talent pools in each market while we provide permanent recruitment services. Our Recruitment Delivery Team has been trained on active and passive candidate identification and rapid recruitment. Our offshore staffing services are not limited to beginner and mid-level skilled employees; we also hire senior positions.

Employer solution: We offer end-to-end talent lifecycle solutions by combining our consulting and analytics capabilities to assist organizations more effectively source, manage, and develop talents at scale, leveraging more than ten years of expertise in the market.

We Work as a Partner!

We differ from other service providers because our responsibilities do not end once the onboarding process is complete. We align a dedicated Customer Relation Manager (CRM) who will be your direct point of contact, ensuring that the engagement remains healthy, all delivery elements are efficiently executed, as well as ensuring a direct line for any future communication. Our teams provide the same level of attention throughout your engagement.

A significant aspect of our offshore recruitment service offering includes ensuring the well-being of offshore team members. We go beyond a simple “How are you?” and ask specific questions about what support would help them stay on top of their productivity game.

Scaling your business in a smart way is the key to success.

Accelerate hiring in any country

  • Within a few weeks, you can onboard new team members- 90% faster than local entity establishment.
  • Ensure your company growth stays on track by meeting all hiring deadlines
  • Streamline every step of the hiring process through our experts, keeping your time focused on more business-centric tasks.

We remove compliance concerns from your plate.

  • Maintain compliance with ever-changing local employment laws
  • Prevent fines and legal risks relating to misclassified foreign SOPs

Establish a global team of top talent

  • Hire anywhere, anytime without geographical constraint
  • Leverage your global presence
  • Bring in a higher quality of talent into your existing team
  • Diversify value creation with a more diverse team

Partner with Proven to stay competitive in today’s employment market

Constantly improves processes and technologies to stay ahead of the curve
A team of 200+ global employees with offices in five countries
We put our clients at the center of the whole service delivery model
Transparent and competitive pricing structure for recruitment services

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