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Fasah – An Integrated E-System in Saudi Customs

The initiative of Vision 2030 brought about innovative changes to the socio-economic culture of Saudi Arabia, making much-needed reforms to the country’s dependency on oil. Furthermore, the government adopted a more strategic approach, designing a framework that was more inclusive and presented a better opportunity for economic diversification. Under the Vision 2030 initiative, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) government also made modifications to the trading system of the region.  

Fasah SA (Saudi Arabia) is a platform that seeks to bring reforms to the logistics processes and streamline the process of exchanging information among parties who participate in the import and export procedures. Launched by TABADUL, the organization responsible for developing and offering safe digital solutions for logistics, this platform is a leap towards rapid economic development.   

A brief introduction to the Fasah System 

Fasah Saudi Arabia is an integrated e-system platform that was launched by TABADUL with the vision of building a bridge between all organizations involved in the import and export process by bringing it under one roof. It ensures secure electronic data exchange between all stakeholders involved in the procedure. This, in turn, enables and catalyzes business processes across geographical boundaries. Furthermore, it creates a safe space for cross-border investors and importers to conduct business in. The Fasah system connects organizations such as Saudi Automotive Services, Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, Saudi Ports Authority, Ministry of Environment, Saudi Customs, and several other premium government institutions through the e-platform. 

Services offered by Fasah Saudi Arabia 

This e-platform is responsible for organizing the end-to-end process involved in importing and exporting. Starting from the online submission of pre-requisite documents to tracking shipments, this e-platform caters to every step of the process. In fact, it offers about 135 services that assist in international trade processes. Some of the services offered to its customers through the electronic system are mentioned below: 

MASAR Tracking System: 

MASAR, the Fasah tracking service, allows stakeholders and users to track the entire transition process of their shipment. Using the declaration number, users can identify where the shipment is in the transition process, between pick up and destination. Furthermore, this Fasah system offers accurate and detailed information about the shipment and containers.  

Fasah Pay:

This service, offered on the e-platform, was launched with the aim of digitizing the invoice and payments process. It allows Business-to-Business (B2B) users, such as importers, shipping agents, customs brokers, and other such stakeholders, to access the digital aspect of financial trade. 


Wasl is an e-platform offered by Elm that allows private and government entities to monitor and manage land transport movements in real-time, ensure their safety, and improve land transport quality. Under this e-service, users can register land transport vehicles and drivers, verify the legal status of land transport vehicles, check the drivers’ eligibility to work in the land transport field, and confirm their security status. This truck management system ensures that the truck flow procedures take place seamlessly. Furthermore, this service enables users to book appointments and pre-reserve trucks, reducing clearance time, waiting time, and manual processes. This Fasah system was launched to offer top-notch operational efficiency in logistics services in the KSA region.

 Manifest Submission: 

Through the portal, stakeholders can electronically submit documents and data related to import and export manifests. This allows easy access to the information, adding value to the mass data already uploaded by other users. 

Open Data Source: 

This service allows stakeholders to access and retrieve information related to their imported and exported shipments. 

24-hours Clearance Program:

This program allows government and private entities to establish customs declaration 48 hours prior to the shipment reaching the port. Furthermore, the process is automated and will enable entities to submit the documents electronically, diminishing the need for paperwork and manual labor. This service also allows for speedy, hassle-free clearance of containers, allowing them to be directly sent for scanning and final approval upon arrival at the port.

Recent Updates 

  • In June 2020, SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization) integrated their SABER platform with Fasah to ensure convenient and quick product customs clearance. The integrated service went on floors with effect from 1 July 2020. SABER is an e-platform launched by SASO that electronically facilitates conformity certificates for consumer products to local suppliers and factories. This move promotes a process that requires less paperwork, quick customs clearance and helps avoid rejection or reshipping of products to the country of origin.  
  • In June 2020, the second phase of the Truck Management System was launched via this e-platform, helping streamline the truck flow procedures, reducing time spent on customs clearance.  
  • In August 2020, an agreement was signed between Tabadul and Bahri, a leading logistics and transportation company, to enable the implementation of the “Fasah pay” service.

The implementation of the Fasah system, under the Vision 2030 initiative, has given way to a digitized and accessible logistics culture. This has created an innovative environment, which allows stakeholders and users to explore new investment opportunities. Furthermore, this will create a permanent space for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the world map for investment, catalyzing economic growth. 

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