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Everything you need to know about MOMRA


The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) was incepted in 1975 to implement provisions for the infrastructural development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). An integral part of the government of Saudi Arabia, MOMRA is responsible for the construction of roads and providing essential equipment, rural development, beautification of cities, as well as ensuring that health and cleanliness standards are maintained across the region. The ultimate aim of MOMRA is to attain urban sustainability and offer top-class municipality services across all of the regions in KSA.  

Under Saudi Vision 2030, the government of Saudi Arabia decided to invest $500 billion in enhancing the infrastructure of up to 285 municipalities across the KSA region. The main objective behind this move was to create a living environment for Saudi citizens that is at par with global standards. MOMRA has played a vital role in helping Saudi cities become smart cities, making sure that high-quality services are offered to the citizens. 

Vision and goals 

MOMRA Saudi was established with the vision of bettering the living standards of the existing citizens and creating a sustainable living space for future generations. The Ministry abides by the following strategic goals to realize their vision and implement it successfully: 

  • Helping all cities in the KSA region become financially independent; 
  • Providing quick, state-of-the-art services; 
  • Improving the sustainable living quotient in Saudi Arabia, while ensuring that urban and rural development is balanced; 
  • Directing efforts towards advancing the quality and efficiency of infrastructure and public facilities across the KSA region;
  • Offering a local environment with global living standards; 
  • Focusing on the efficient implementation of programs and projects; 
  • Channeling efforts into protecting public lands, administrative development of property affairs, and updating the cadastral and topographic information.


To keep up with the fast-growing digital world, MOMRA also has an e-service portal available for users to get a seamless experience and easy access to the services offered. Some of the services offered by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs are:

Informational Services

– Land grant inquiries;
– An inquiry service that allows users to identify municipal requirements for different        commercial activities;
– Inquiries related to activities that are excluded from the ban;
– Qualified offices’ inquiry service;
– Geo explorer that offers identification maps for secretariats;
– Coverage Explorer service for identifying infrastructure. 

Construction services

– Permit for land leveling;
– Issuing technical reports;
– A service to identify the location and purpose of a plot;
– Permit for restoring buildings;
– Cancellation of building permit;
– Correction service permit for an existing building;
– Certificate for building completion;
– Permit for demolishing a building;
– Issuance of a fencing license;
– Permit to add/modify building components;
– Renewal of building permit;
– Permit to transfer ownership of a building;
– Issuance of building permit;
– Issuance of immediate licenses for warehouses. 

Commercial services

– Permit to open a 24-hour shop;
– Issuance of permit to provide tobacco products;
– Cancellation of permit to provide tobacco products;
– Amendment of a commercial activity license;
– Permit to occupy a berth for operating a shop;
– Movement permit for workers;
– Issuance of commercial activity license;
– Renewal of commercial activity license;
– Cancellation of commercial activity license;
– Ownership transfer of a license;
– Acceptance of ownership transfer of a license. 

Health Certification Services

– Issuance of a digital healthcare certificate. 

Investment Opportunity Portal Services

– A map to identify locations for investment opportunities;
– Service to manage electronic transactions related to investment opportunities;
– Temporary lease. 

Along with securing an important place under the Vision 2030 plans, MOMRA also made rapid advancements on other fronts. The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs underwent a digital transformation in line with the guidelines set by the National Transformation Program 2020. As a result, it became the hotspot of world-class government services, making continued efforts to bring technology and development under one roof.  

MOMRA Saudi has taken long strides in improving the way of life in the KSA region. Take, for instance, green spaces and parks in the country. As of 2019, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was ornamented with as many as 5,661 gardens and parks, amounting to a green space area of 182,997,428 sq. m.  

Over the years, the government has ensured that MOMRA standards are continually maintained, and the quality of services offered are top-class. With the help of MOMRA Saudi Arabia, the government is rigorously working towards providing affordable and top-tier healthcare facilities, uninterrupted transportation services, infrastructurally sound and cost-effective real estate, and a safe living environment with round-the-clock security. Furthermore, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs Saudi Arabia is making continued efforts to make KSA a citizen-centric country, wherein time and capital are vested in urban planning, development of sound governing policies, and innovative technologies.

Important update:

 In a recent development, the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs have become a joint government entity. The name of the government wing has now been amended to the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing.

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