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Company Incorporation

What we do

Creating a new legal entity is essential for any regional business growth strategy, and at PROVEN, we understand the necessity of being thorough, transparent, and supportive during this process. Therefore, a partner with experience and a proven track record is critical. This is especially true about the finer points of company formation in Saudi Arabia, as there are many factors at play that require a fundamental understanding of the process. For business setup in Saudi Arabia, we offer expert assistance with company incorporation advisory, regulatory approvals, and any other considerations that may be needed to ensure compliance and lawful operations. Our hands-on experience, professional approach, and extensive local knowledge ensure the proper entity is incorporated.

How we help you

As an additional arm of our company formation services, we advise on incorporation procedures with strategic ideas, significant local regulations, entity structure, company formation, licensing, additional regulatory approvals, and all the operational advisory support in HR, Marketing, and Finance. Our team will provide you with holistic oversight and earmark any aspects of your application that may need special attention. We pride ourselves on being able to propose solutions that are rooted in specialist services that are sensitive to even the most subtle of regional requirements.

When applying for LLC company formation in Saudi Arabia, an entity registers with various government portals for a fully functional office. This includes departments such as the Ministry of Social insurance, Human resource, Capital Market Authority, Tax authority, Municipality, and other local authorities associated with their commercial license activities. PROVEN will complete all the registrations on an optimal timeline, taking all necessary measures to ensure timely and cost-efficient license procurement.

When applying to register a new company, we advise and administer suitable licenses and help you with required paralegal assistance, such as reviewing the parent company documents for due diligence and eligibility, consulting, and drafting legal documents (Article of Association, Power of Attorney, and Board Partner Resolutions) to obtain the investment license. This is where our experience in these matters comes to the fore, and our team is well-versed in the process of reviewing and attending to any potential gaps in your application.

Entity health checks are a critical element in how to start a business in Saudi Arabia. We perform periodic reviews, track entity registrations, and compliance deadlines, and provide alerts for local regulatory and legal changes. As a result, health checks ensure efficiency and are scalable to local needs and risks. Your organization’s fiscal and legal standing within The Kingdom is as important as anywhere else in the world, and it is imperative that you are aware of the need to perform these reviews regularly. Saudi Arabia has many unique requirements that should be met at all times when doing your due diligence and assessing your legal compliance. Failure to do so has resulted in a host of companies failing in the region and should never be overlooked as a critical step in your efforts to establish your organization on firm grounds.

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