Corporate employee mobility and relocation services in Saudi Arabia 

As companies look to export to Saudi Arabia, employee relocation is an essential part of the expansion strategy. Moving into a new territory requires a team that has extensive knowledge of the day to day operations to ensure the transition period runs smoothly and the business operations function efficiently. Taking current employees, often from a variety of locations, is the only way to have the business experience, on the ground, in a new location.

Relocating to a new country is a major adjustment and it’s extremely beneficial for employees that this process runs as smoothly as possible. Partnering with a local entity that has extensive experience in the immigration process and provides in country support, not only gives companies information for the relocation timeline but gives employees in the country access to a professional service.

Moving to Saudi Arabia often gives a very different cultural experience to what your employees are used to. Supporting them with cultural training and induction helps them feel more settled in their new location and gives the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the local cultural etiquette.By feeling more confident in their new surroundings, employees are able to keep operational productivity at an efficient level.

Proven provides cultural awareness training for individuals or teams and their families from an expert team that is based in Saudi Arabia. We also provide advice for the personal aspect of relocation, accommodation, buying and registering a car, opening a bank account and school search.

What we do

  • In-person support in KSA
  • Corporate immigration
  • Relocation planning
  • Relocation advisory
  • Cultural coaching

Proven supports our corporate clients in providing a positive relocation experience for their employees. Our services provide professional and reliable assistance for a smooth transition to Saudi Arabia. Our local expert team understand that no two relocations are the same, so we provide bespoke solutions designed to fit our clients’ corporate objectives, time frame and budget.

We provide additional support in payroll, expenses, the wage protection system and human resources so that your employees have a seamless transition from one location to Saudi Arabia.