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Saudi Arabia immigration advisory from Proven provides a full spectrum of services and advice associated with the immigration process, including; corporate immigration strategies, letters of invitation and business visas, compliance with local regulations, a local government relations team and document processing.

Our expert immigration advisers have a wealth of experience in Saudi Arabia immigration. Our in house immigration consultant will keeps our clients informed of new regulations and laws, assists in getting documents translated, supporting them through the entire process.

Support at every step of the process

We have built a team of experts and pride ourselves on our current knowledge, industry expertise and exemplary customer service.

Our Saudi Arabia immigration services include:

  • Immigration advisory
  • Operational coverage of Saudi Arabia
  • Work permit processing
  • Invitation letters, business visit visa, commercial visit visa
  • Pre-check and compliance of immigration processing
  • Saudi visa residency (Iqama) and dependents residency visa
  • Multiple and single exit re-entry visas for expats in Saudi Arabia
  • Government relations

Our advisers provide comprehensive consultation through which we help our clients understand Saudi Arabia immigration processes and requirements. By listening to both your short and long term goals, we can recommend bespoke solutions that deliver results.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the government’s policy towards corporate immigration?

The Saudi government encourages foreign investment in the Kingdom. Aligned with Vision 2030, the government has made numerous reforms to create an environment that is attractive for foreign investors and that is mutually beneficial to both businesses and the economy. Expats are a valued part of Saudi society and there are clear plans in Vision 2030 to improve the lives of expats in the Kingdom.

What are the permits used to transfer employees into the country?

The option available for employees working long term in the Kingdom is the work permit and Iqama, both are needed and enable the resident to do different things. The work permit is so you can legally work in the Kingdom and the Iqama is for you to be able to rent a house, open a bank account, put your children in education and other personal actions.

Employees enter the Kingdom under a work entry permit and will be granted a final work permit and Iqama once they have completed the in-country requirements. The work entry has a duration of stay of 90 days and users are unable to leave the country or work until they have obtained their final work permit and Iqama.

How long does it take to process visas?

Processing times for visas vary, depending on the industry of work permit, the country of application, the nationality of the applicant and if there are dependents.

If your company is applying from a block visa, this can take two to six weeks before it is processed depending on the size of the request, the type of visa and the Saudization rating of the company.

Once the individual has entered the country under a work visa, it may take one to two to three weeks to obtain a work permit and Iqama assuming all relevant documentation is current and has gone through the required procedures such as notarisation or attestation. However, if your profession requires extra accreditation, such as engineers or accountants, then it may take an additional two to three weeks.

Can an assignee enter the Kingdom on a commercial/tourist visa?

Holders of commercial and tourist visas are strictly prohibited from doing work in the Kingdom, this is restricted to holders of the Business Visit Visa or work permit.