Outsourcing your call centre can improve customer service

For companies that are using shared services and have the requirement for a call centre, outsourcing the centre is a common choice. Outsourcing reduces overheads, provides a continuous 24 hour service and increases customer satisfaction.  

It can take a twenty minute call to answer a customers query to a high enough standard that they remain happy and for companies with small teams handling this in house stretches them too far. However the benefits of taking this time for customer satisfaction are too high to ignore, benefits include; helping the company retain customers, gain market share and improving customer satisfaction, experience and engagement.

Call centres can be used for full spectrum customer management, not just limited to inbound or outbound calling like they have been previously. The addition of these new services allows companies to have one team managing all their customer relations rather than splitting it internally and externally. It allows internal teams to focus on building the business whilst a call centre handles the administration customer contact.

Although AI is present in some of these areas, such as chat box management, it is far away from providing the services that a person can do. Often there are limits to its understanding and how much information it can provide.

What we do

  • Inbound call centre
  • Outbound call centre
  • Chatbox management
  • Customer care
  • Customer queries
  • Email management
  • Order processing
  • Cash flow support

We provide outsourced call centre services to deliver high customer service in Saudi Arabia, so our clients can have local support that meets their needs. Our services give our clients peace of mind that their customers needs are being taken care of. We commit to providing high customer engagement and experience, transparent costs and a full call centre service.

Our call centres deliver;

  • high quality services
  • high customer satisfaction
  • transparent costs
  • 24 hour service