Entity Set up in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s government is strategically planning to attract foreign investors by offering them unprecedented opportunities for growth. Depending on the selected activity, an investor can achieve 100% ownership of their company in Saudi Arabia under the foreign investment legal framework. It is, however, necessary to have a certain Saudi ownership percentage in specific activities. There are many options for market entry available to investors to set up in the Kingdom as it may suit each investor’s needs accordingly.

The most common forms of entities formed by foreign investors wishing to do business in Saudi Arabia,

  1. Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  2. Limited Liability One-person Company.
  3. Joint Stock Company.
  4. Foreign Company Branch

Followed with

  1. Technical & Scientific Services office
  2. Temporary Commercial registration
  3. Professional Services Company

Commercial Agencies: Foreign companies are not required to have a legal presence in Saudi Arabia when goods are sold directly to end-users in the Kingdom. Commercial agencies are standard for a foreign business to arrange for its products to enter the Saudi market. Commercial agents can only be Saudi nationals or Saudi companies owned and operated by Saudi nationals. Commercial agents must guarantee the quality of the products and provide necessary maintenance and spare parts.

How do we support you? 

Phase I: Consultation and planning: During this process, due diligence is done on the best business type, paid-up capital, activities, additional approvals from the local authorities, and license requirement.

Phase II: Draft Legal documents such as Article of Association, Board Partner resolution, Power of Attorney followed with Obtain the investment license from MISA Certificate or Registration from MOCI and Register a company with Chamber of Commerce.

Phase III: Register with The Ministry of Labor, GOSI, GAZT, bank account, and other portal registrations required for a fully functional office.

Refer to our Investor Journey on Saudi company incorporation for more details.

Advantage of choosing our service

If you plan to incorporate your organizational setup in Saudi Arabia and need strategic thinking and legal compliance assistance, Proven is here to support you as local expertise with a global approach.

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