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The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has left a lasting imprint on the fabric of the ICT sector. The first step of initiation in this direction was taken a little less than two decades ago. Established to enable top-class communications infrastructure and innovative technological advancement, the organization has created a blueprint for success in the communications and IT industry. To this day, the Communications and Information Technology Commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) remains relevant, thanks to the high standard of services, performance, and value it offers. 

The organization has made inconceivable efforts to ensure that the socio-economic needs of the present and the future are adequately addressed. In fact, it holds critical to the continued boost of individuals as well as businesses flourishing on the KSA turf.  

In this article, we will explore what makes the Communications and Information Technology Commission a premium institution, important new updates about the institution, and how it has redefined the communications and IT industry in the KSA region.

CITC KSA - Where it all began 

Initially christened “Saudi Communications Commission” in 2001, the organization revamped its name and structure to cater to the new responsibilities it was entrusted with. Since the beginning of its journey, the organization has enjoyed financial independence and has been up-to-speed with the continuous advancements in the Communications and IT industry.  

CITC holds sole responsibility for the regulation of ICT as well as the postal ecosystem in the KSA region. It has vested its efforts in catalyzing economic growth and bridging the digital gap. The Communications and Information Technology Commission is carefully structured to enhance connectivity, which further aids businesses and people to acquire easy access to knowledge, and tapping into new, innovative opportunities.

What does CITC Saudi Arabia offer? 

CITC Saudi Arabia, in its truest sense, offers state-of-the-art and widespread services across the KSA region. The services offered by the institution are not limited to accessing ICT and postal services but also include reliable methods for troubleshooting problems. Here’s a detailed account of some of the services offered by them. 

  • Telecommunication Request: The Communications and Information Technology Commission offers this service as a means for customers to identify and verify the services that are available in a particular location. Furthermore, in the event of the absence of a certain service, users can also raise a request to enable or facilitate the service in that region.
  • Boniah: The objective of Boniah is to offer the utmost security to telecommunication projects in Saudi Arabia as well as ensure the protection of the telecommunication infrastructure. This provision has helped widen the scope of telecommunication projects, carving a guarded ecosystem for the future.  
  • Equipment Licensing: A wide range of high-end equipment is used in the ICT sector, making it imperative to have established equipment providers in the KSA region. CITC KSA helps equipment manufacturers and importers to design equipment that conforms to the technical specifications cited by them while maintaining premium quality.  
  • CITC Complaint Services: The organization also offers a stand-alone complaint service to ensure that customer satisfaction is always given high priority. Users can exercise this in case they face any issues with ICT or postal services.  
  • Argami: This service has been created, much like the others, in the public interest. It allows users to enquire and identify the telephone numbers that have been registered with the Telecom Service Provider Systems using their identification (ID). 
  • Transaction Inquiry: This is one of the most popular CITC e-services that allows users to get a detailed report of their correspondence status as well as get a printed receipt of the same.
  • Spectrum: Another CITC e-service that has garnered rapid popularity, thanks to the digital age we live in, is the electronic spectrum service. This provision allows frequency users to opt for wireless equipment licenses, commonly called frequency assignments, and track the status of their application online on the website. 
  • Website Filtering: With the rapid shift towards a digitally-driven world, it has become more important than ever to ensure that the Internet we use is a safe and secure environment. The website filtering service offered by CITC KSA does just that. Apart from protecting users from harmful content on the Internet, it also ensures that customers have easy access to good content.  
  • Report name registration: In a time when most businesses are moving online, having a domain registered for your business is common. This service, under the Saudi Network Information Center (SaudiNIC), offers domain registration services that conform with the regulations in place in the KSA region.  
  • Numbering management: The numbering management service enables customers to submit an application for allocating, specifying, and returning CITC number resources. Additionally, it also enables the tracking and management of requests through their online portal. 
  • Reports service: Under this service, users can submit escalation reports related to the ICT sector. The escalation reports, however, should fall within the rules and mandate of the organization. 
  • Coverage service: This service allows customers to get reports about the coverage information in their location and the public average rating corresponding to that location. Users can also submit their ratings for the coverage in the location.  
  • Information Security Incidents: This service assists users to report incidents pertaining to information security through the Computer Emergency Response Team. These incidents include prevention and response to threats as well as security incidents. 
  • Meqyas: This initiative by CITC KSA was brought about to entrench a platform that will help determine and maintain the Internet quality in Saudi Arabia.  
  • Violation service: With this provision, government entities can submit complaints pertaining to the violation of telecommunication services through their online portal. 
  • Approved offers: Service providers often come up with offers for their users. This service allows users to determine whether a suggested offer is approved by CITC or not. Furthermore, the service also provides a detailed account of what a particular offer entails 
  • CITC SIM Check: Also called SIM Authentication Code Service, this provision allows users to get a temporary code for the issue and authentication of SIM cards. This is also one of the popular CITC e-services that enable ease of access for its users. 

CITC Saudi Arabia offers a myriad of services, apart from the ones mentioned above, to help users have a seamless experience.  

Recent advancements by CITC KSA 

In recent years, the Communications and Information Technology Commission has advanced the quality of services offered as well as its scope in the Communications and IT industry. This has helped the organization achieve brilliance in its domain while at the same time setting an example for counterparts across the globe. Maneuvering through years of challenges and constantly achieving excellence is as common as bread and butter for this top-tier institution. Let’s look at how they have redefined and pioneered the communications and IT industry in Saudi Arabia 

  • As recent as October 2020, the organization made a groundbreaking announcement, wherein they emerged with a new brand identity. Under this new era, CITC in collaboration with Telco assured that it would bring about a digital revolution by integrating IT and emerging tech with the existing postal services. The new strategy was meted out to keep in line with Vision 2030 and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s ICT Sector Strategy 2023. 
  • Early in October 2020, they also launched a sandbox regulator for delivery applications. The sandbox was launched to improve the delivery app ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. In fact, they announced that the sandbox would help reduce costs as well as the time to market apps, promoting low-cost delivery services.  
  • In July of this year, CITC sealed a partnership deal with a major European network, Ripe NCC. The partnership aimed to facilitate stable and innovative Internet services in the Middle East region. 
  • In October of this year, the premium institution also participated in G20, the first international summit organized by SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization).  
  • In August of 2020, CITC Saudi Arabia promised to make 10GHz of additional radio spectrum available by 2024. The announcement was made through public consultation, wherein they announced their plans for the next five years. 

How has CITC redefined the Communications and IT industry? 

The length and width of the Communications and Information Technology Commission’s humongous success in the Communications and IT sector can be accredited to its sound strategic planning and flawless execution. As a rule of thumb, CITC believes in facilitating large-scale services with premium quality to its users, helping them access better connectivity, exercise easy business communication, and shorten the digital chasm. 

We live in a world that is constantly divided by opinions and differences. The organization is helping bring the people, who are the citizens of a digital world, closer and communicate more conveniently. The continued and relentless strides made by CITC KSA in the communication and IT industry have not only made them pioneers in the telecom world but also contributed significantly to the economy, job market, and the advancement of technology in Saudi Arabia 

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