KSA Tourist Visa Guide: Everything you need to know

Saudi Arabia has opened its borders to the outside world with the newly introduced tourist visa. Saudi Arabia offers visitors a chance to discover and experience warm hospitality, a rich culture, a diverse heritage, and breathtaking landscape views. The government plans to expand the tourist market beyond religious pilgrims to diversify the Saudi economy beyond oil revenues.

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FAQ: Relocating to Saudi Arabia

Relocating comes with many questions that are sometimes hard to find answers to. Saudi Arabia is a common destination for many expatriates but there is often culture shock and many other unfamiliar situations to be expected. A relocation consultant can support you in the transition and help the process flow smoothly. Below we answer frequently asked questions about relocating to Saudi Arabia.

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Vehicle Leasing in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest developing countries in the Middle East. The country has experienced an enormous amount of growth in past few decades and has become one of the major names in the international oil market. It is also a sacred place of Muslims and is visited by Muslim devotees from all around the world. Every year, millions of devotees from every corner of the world visit this sacred land to perform the religious ritual known as Hajj. The industrial and corporate sectors in the country are also growing at a rapid rate. Millions of foreign companies and organizations have already set up their businesses there and the number keeps on increasing everyday. The Government of the Saudi Arabia has also taken necessary steps to make sure that foreign delegates, business travelers and tourists are able to access the country easily, by maintaining proper transportation services. The country has a number of vehicle leasing companies who can provide you a vehicle on lease to travel in the country.

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