Updated occupation titles on TAQAT portal

The list of professions on the TAQAT Portal has been updated based on approved professions by the Arab standard occupational classification. This update comes from the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and the Ministry of Labor (MOL), in cooperation with international and Arab labor organizations, experts and representatives. The list of professions in all professional areas has been implemented on the TAQAT Portal. The new job titles will be updated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the GOSI in a upcoming months.

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What is Nitaqat?

Over the past few decades, Saudi Arabia has relied on expatriates to fill the workforce, however, with currently over half the Saudi population below the age of 35, there’s been an influx of graduates seeking work. Saudization is a solution the government initiated to increase recruitment of Saudi nationals, and Nitaqat is the newest program of this.

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