Doing Business In Saudi Arabia 2019

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil producer and exporter and controls the world’s second largest hydrocarbon reserve. It's the only Arab country to be a part of the G20 countries, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and OPEC. The country’s global standing has created substantial business opportunities and has become a preferred destination for many foreign investors. 

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FAQ: Relocating to Saudi Arabia

Relocating comes with many questions that are sometimes hard to find answers to. Saudi Arabia is a common destination for many expatriates but there is often culture shock and many other unfamiliar situations to be expected. A relocation consultant can support you in the transition and help the process flow smoothly. Below we answer frequently asked questions about relocating to Saudi Arabia.

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Block Visa Process

The immigration process in Saudi Arabia can be complex for companies hiring expats. There are different considerations to keep in mind when deciding on the method most suitable, such as the company’s Saudization rating, the company’s industry and employee forecasting. However, for most companies, the block visa is a suitable option for those wanting to hire multiple expats. Companies planning to hire expats on a long-term basis require authorisation from the Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MLSD). The MLSD issues companies block visas which allows them a quota of foreign expats they can hire. In this article we break down the process of block visas, the processing timeline and the validity.

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What are the key considerations while hiring an expat in Saudi?

What are the key considerations while hiring an expat in Saudi? When hiring an expatriate, there are many considerations, depending on the state of the company, the employee’s visa status…

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Riyadh Chamber of Commerce introduces electronic attestation service

Mr. Ahmed Al Swailem, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Riyadh has announced the second phase of the electronic transformation of the Chamber's services through the online portal called "My Business Portal", to align with the initiatives adopted by the state. The Chamber has also started business documents attestation services for business sector.

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