Business process outsourcing services to help you do business in Saudi Arabia

Business support services assists companies with a company exporting to Saudi Arabia, providing them local expertise, business incubation and administrative assistance.

Administrative Support

Administration sits across every department of the business and often there are numerous touch points from multiple employees. Efficient administration ensures smooth operations, productive communication and reporting across all company departments.

Outsourcing your administration gives you access to flexible staffing, supports short term projects, reduces costs and exposure to risk. Outsourced administration tasks can include; file management, data entry, call handling, payroll processing and CRM building.

Proven provides business administration services to companies in Saudi Arabia, giving our clients the support they needs on their journey to the Kingdom.

Travel assistance

Business travel has many moving parts; visa arrangements, flights, hotels, airport transfers, transport to multiple meeting sites. If one of the parts faces delays, it causes a knock on effect to the others. Outsourcing your travel needs reduces the risk of delays, a local partner that understands the processes and timelines involved and gives a point of contact should it be needed.

We provide business travel services from visit visa arrangements through to an executive driver service, giving you peace of mind that your journey to the Kingdom is taken care of, every step of the way.

Translation services

Although English is widely spoken, Arabic is the official language and required for all official documents and legal contracts. For companies wanting to take their business to the Kingdom, translation services are an essential part of setup and continued operational function.

We translate business, technical, legal and official documents from a number of languages into the Saudi Arabian dialect in a timeframe that matches your requirements.


Attestation is required in Saudi Arabia for a number of documents used in company set up and relocation and employment of staff.

We handle attestation for degrees, professional qualifications, birth certificates, financial documents, commercial invoices and powers of attorney. Our in house government relations team handles the entire attestation process across all ministry departments before returning the document back to you, no matter your location.

Transportation and Vehicles

Professional, reliable transport make your visits to the Kingdom easier and less stressful.

We provide a range of executive vehicles for airport transport, half day, full day or multiple days depending on the length of your stay. Our uniformed, English speaking drivers provide you with wifi, a newspaper, bottled water and a professional and private service so you get where you need to go, on time.

What we do

  • Administrative support services
  • Travel assistance
  • Translation
  • Attestation
  • Transportation and vehicle hire
  • Facility management
  • Cleaning
  • Service and virtual office space

Facility management and cleaning

Facility management is the efficient integration of people, place, process and technology. It requires the incorporation of multiple disciplines to ensure a facility runs smoothly and includes cleaning services. Proper facility management involves the coordination of every aspect of the facility and the people inside it to run efficiently and harmoniously. However, it goes beyond building maintenance and ensures that buildings are aligned with government regulations and creating a productive environment that is pleasing to employees and clients.

Facility management services will always be tailored to your needs, the building’s requirements and the proposed budget. This will ensure that you receive the most feasible solution and effective service. The delivery method of the service is bespoke and with advanced monitoring systems, you’ll be able to see the improvement of your facility performance to help you reduce costs and energy consumption.

Serviced and virtual office space

A serviced office allows companies to rent out an office with all the required facilities. This is a great option for smaller companies, those that have one employee operating in the Kingdom or companies that need a space while looking for a long-term option.

A virtual office space allows business owners to have an office address without actually having to take office space. This gives a business a way to establish in Saudi Arabia and have their employees work remotely in the Kingdom.