A Guide Through the Muqeem Portal

General information about Muqeem in Saudi Arabia

Muqeem (also known as Al Muqeem) is a digital portal created to facilitate official documentation processes for Saudi Arabia residents and provide data for employers on their resident workers, as well as perform various transactions. The portal is one of many digital services provided by Elm, a Saudi entity owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF).  

Muqeem SA was launched to increase the efficiency of transaction processing, provide accurate information for employers, and conduct processes quickly and securely. This digital service is part of a wave of digitization the Kingdom has adopted ahead of its Vision 2030 launch. Part of this Saudi Vision is nurturing the private sector and growing the business culture in the Kingdom, diversifying the economy away from oil dependence. Both digitization and visa services fall in the category of programs dedicated to making the Vision happen, and Muqeem falls right at the meeting point of both.  

Over 50,000 entities have subscribed to the Muqeem service since its 2007 launch, and the portal sits on a database with information on almost five million registered residents. It was updated in 2020 to make processes easier and more accessible for companies with over 100 employees.  

Through the portal, re-entry and final exit visas can be canceled or issued, resident permits are issued and renewed and sponsorship transfers and modifications of a profession are conducted. Muqeem is also where many processes can be performed by using a resident’s Iqama (residence) number. The government-provided service is offered to businesses across the Kingdom, which use it to access, save and archive important data regarding the residents they hire, as well as residents associated with them, such as family members. The portal also facilitates the renewal, issuance, and cancelation of visas by transferring these tasks to an online platform. Muqeem SA has eliminated the need to be physically present to conduct documentation paperwork and transformed it into a digital process.

Muqeem Services

  • Issuance and renewal of resident ID’s
  • Service transfers and profession changes
  • Issuance and cancelation of visas
  • Passport data update
  • Business visa extension
  • Mail-in ID’s
  • Reporting

Muqeem Features

An “All Residents” report can be exported through the portal as well. It includes data from all registered residents, as well as their family members, and can be downloaded as an Excel sheet or a PDF. Users can display residents by clicking “Update Files,” which can be updated once every 24 hours. Updating data is done by accessing the portal and signing in. Users are then asked to fill out a form, with the establishment and ID numbers and email, to which a verification email is sent. Upon verification, users can fill out the update forms. Verification is required via code sent to the user’s mobile number that is registered on Absher.

Users can also conduct processes using their border number, a number registered in the passport system for GCC citizens and Kingdom visitors. To use the border number on Muqeem, a user might access the portal, click on the resident administration tab on the main menu, select a service and then proceed with the procedures required to verify the user and display data. Users also have the option of canceling issued visas or reprinting them. In order to do so, they must search for a resident using their Iqama number or passport number, click ‘visas’, and proceed to action.

Use Case

The Muqeem service is an essential tool for HR departments especially in large companies with a large number of employees. For these departments, a massive amount of tasks related to working individuals are dealt with daily. These tasks include hiring, terminations, verifications of ID’s, and Iqama processing for employees and their family members, to name a few. Muqeem SA streamlines the HR process and manages it on time. The Kingdom’s labor market, mostly contributed to by foreign workers, requires faster solutions for the issuance of employee papers. Through the portal, these processes are applied for online by HR departments and are received by Saudi mail, Wasel.

General and operational accounts are available. The former performs an unlimited amount of processes through this platform using an annual subscription. As for the latter, a limited amount of processes is provided and any additional requests are paid individually. Users have the options of samples, reports, and specific data to access.


Muqeem ensures validity through Yakeen, another digital tool created by Elm which allows entities to verify the data of clients, employees, and visitors. A passport smartphone app, as well as the Absher portal and the national security, all interconnect, ensuring every process is secure, valid, and up to date.


  • Elevating passport processing
  • Accuracy of resident-related data
  • Reducing the time and cost of processes
  • A high-security system, preventing any internal or external manipulations
  • Reducing traffic around the General Directorate of Passports

Notable Feats

Raising productivity requires getting more done in shorter timespans, with fewer efforts and less workforce power, and is a key to the rise of the economy. This philosophy is why programs like Muqeem have been part of the Saudi business culture. Muqeem has conducted over 52 million transactions since its 2007 launch, that is about 180,000 transactions per week. The physical paper system required 2 hours per transaction, which means this e-service has saved 360,000 hours of work.

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