2020 – The Year in Review

Falling economies, a quest for revival, and unprecedented events were embedded in 2020, making it a landmark year in history. With unpredictability ruling the norm this year, businesses in GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait found it challenging to look beyond the COVID-19 narrative. While we were on the cusp of a workplace environment heavily influenced by technology much before this year, 2020 reasserted our belief.

As we inch towards the hopeful year of 2021, we look back at the innovations, state-of-the-art-policies, challenges, and lessons that the past year brought forth. With stories to tell for a century more and still some battles to be fought, in this paper, we have documented the events unraveled in 2020 and take a sneak-peek at what the future holds.


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