In a recent update, the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia announced the reopening of travel for the first time since late March, when the COVID-19 lockdown began. The latest announcement included an upcoming January termination of restrictions on departures and reentries to the Kingdom. For a few special cases, travel is already permitted. The announcement comes as a relief, after months of uncertainty and anticipation. It brings clarity for businesses across Saudi Arabia, and allows them to create plans accordingly, as well as set up travel policy for their staff. Unshackling the ports is a big move; it will result in market pick-up, and an increase in productivity, as more people will return to their jobs.

The business world, from intern to CEO, has been wondering about the state of mobility. More so, we have all been analyzing what mobility has meant for business throughout history—because we might have to give it up, or at least the way we have known mobility to be. The post-pandemic world will be very different.

We live in a world forever changed. 

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