HR Ministry Permits Worker Transfers Among Private Sector Enterprises

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced its permission of transfer of foreign workers between private sector companies, which allows for sponsorship changes given the current COVID-19 situation. The new initiative will help enterprises employ  the available workforce to facilitate their work, it also helps reduce workloads on affected sectors and permits fluidity in the work process.

The move allows for a redistribution of workers made necessary due to the pandemic crisis affecting businesses worldwide, and it is made available through the Ajeer portal, which coordinates work connections between employers and workers. This will also reduce the expenses on currently inactive businesses and redirect them to others under high demand for workers. Under the new sponsorship change initiative many exemptions are made, including conditions for the change and the number of workers permitted to transfer from a single firm.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led governments to make quick regulatory moves and updates to mitigate economic damages and maintain as much normalcy as possible in economic activities.