Boosting Corporate Morale Amid COVID-19 Crisis

corporate morale covid-19

We are currently experiencing unprecedented events in modern and perhaps the entire human history where corporate morale is put to the test in exceeding intensity every day due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Given the state of our modern world in terms of technology, economy and population, a virus outbreak has never been quite as dangerous a threat as Coronavirus. Information as a product has contributed to the spread of false statements about the virus, and a state of panic is widespread. It is now more than ever essential to use all your business tools to maintain the health, continuity and longevity of your business. 

As a business owner, your employees are your biggest asset, and at this moment, they are most likely frustrated and frightened by the situation. A well-rounded approach, using management, HR and technical tools must be used to address this escalating issue and limit its effect on business as usual and expected growth. Continuous updates are essential throughout all social channels; this does not only reassure your clients that you are well-informed and well-prepared, but also spreads a sense of comfort across your business’s working body. It is important that they are involved and present in addressing the current events. 

Close attention to your business needs during such a high stake situation is critical. As a business in the current COVID-19 economy, you must ask yourself if your call centers are running efficiently while maintaining employee safety. You must assess your HR policies with your HR consultants and be ready to inform your employees of any updates and news. In order to keep things at a functional pace, despite the ongoing economic tensions, your business must stay ahead of visa and travel regulations; a lot of updates on Saudi and UAE visas are currently being provided by both governments, reaching out to your immigration advisory to stay in the loop is important in order to keep your corporate immigration compliant and to keep your employees safe and in the know. 

Global mobility has become an exceedingly difficult process today, this brings outsourcing and remotely assigned tasks to the forefront of doing business. This also brings in a lot of legal work that may or may not be accomplished due to the situation at hand, but there are ways to manage this with your HR outsourcing service of choice. HR is a focal point in business, from recruiting to management. Your team might be under a lot of pressure today, and as the leader you must continue your support and communication to limit tension and frustration. Communication is key now; your IT team must stay on the lookout for any malfunctions, disconnections or technical issues. Your employees might prefer working from home, and if it is possible to work remotely, you must provide the necessary means by outsourcing your IT or bringing in new solutions. 

A lot of the issues arising from the global pandemic crisis can be faced with the least amount of damage if a business is run from the perspective of an employer, not only a businessman. Monitoring shortcomings allows you to address issues, especially during a work from home time frame. Stay alert for new government updates and evaluate how they affect your business with your consultants.