Government will bear work permit fees for industrial establishments

By December 24, 2019News

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development announced they will bear work permit fees for expat employees in industrial establishments for a period of five years.

Industrial companies eligible for government compensation are those where the number of Saudi employees are greater than or equal to the number of expatriates, or companies in which the number of Saudis is less than expatriates but increasing depending on the percentage.

If the establishment has less than 20 employees, they’re only required to have one Saudi increase during the year. If the difference between the number of new expat employees and Saudis is greater than or equal to 20, then the company is required to increase the number of Saudis to 5% of that difference. Then the difference is divided into the quarters of the year and the compensation can begin at the end of the first quarter. Therefore, the calculation of the baseline for employment begins from 1 January 2020.